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The Free Market ALWAYS Wins – Why Socialism Can Never Succeed

In Barack Obama, Economics, Politics, Tax Policy, Taxes on January 30, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Capitalism, with its reliance on the rules of a free market, has been under very public assault for the last 3 years. Recently, the President himself stated that economic models based on the rules of supply and demand have never worked. Occupy Wall Streeters echo this sentiment and call for a European Socialist economic model in the US.

As stunningly brazen as these statements are, they are just the most recent of their type. We have heard arguments against capitalism for over 100 years. Socialism, and its evil twin communism, have been advocated by egg headed academics since before the turn of the 20th century.

This thinking is rooted in the ever present desire of the left to ignore human nature entirely and advocate policies based on how they WISH people would behave. The truth is that socialism cannot work, because the laws of the free market say so.  Those laws are as immutable and irresistible as the law of gravity and will not be violated.

Denying the laws of the free market and advocating socialism is like jumping off a cliff expecting to float away in utopian bliss. Sure, you will be airborne for a while feeling weightless, but eventually you will realize, very painfully, that gravity was always there even when you didn’t “feel” it.

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US Innovation is not Mythical

In Economics, Health Care Reform, Politics, Tax Policy on January 27, 2011 at 11:07 AM

In a post in Foreign Policy magazine reacting to the State of the Union Address, David Rothkopf makes the argument that the US is not particularly special or unique.  His contention is that the innovations with origins in the US were not what they appeared and those in the US merely imitated the works of others, mostly Europeans.

Poppycock.  For a guy, who I am sure thinks he is always the smartest guy in whatever room he inhabits, he sure is seems to be, shall we say, dull. Read Entire Post

Health Care is not a Right

In Barack Obama, Economics, Health Care Reform, Politics on January 20, 2011 at 10:13 AM

It seems the Democrats have revealed their latest strategy to defend the Health Care Reform legislation passed over much public objection last year.  In an attempt to co-opt the constitutional argument of opponents of the law, they are claiming that health care is a right, and therefore the repeal would be a violation of the 14th Amendment (equal protection) and unconstitutional.

Ignoring for a moment that this argument is laughably ignorant, there is a very basic and simple principle the Democrats seem unable to grasp.

Health care is not a right.  Health care is a service. Read Entire Post

The Liberal Mind – Self Esteem Over Reason

In Al Franken, Barack Obama, Crazy Liberals, Humor, Kieth Olberman, Nancy Pelosi, Politics on November 16, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Dennis Prager has authored a piece entitled The Liberal Mind Rejects Sad Facts in the National Review discussing his thoughts on how liberals arrive at their positions.  His premise is pretty well covered in the title of the essay.  He believes that the liberals are unwilling to accept observable facts that may be uncomfortable.

According to Prager, facts such as men and women are inherently different are summarily dismissed and ignored because they lead to unhappy conclusions.

I have discussed the mentality of the left in the past, and I agree with Prager, but I believe he doesn’t go far enough.  There are more important conclusions to draw from this line of reason that he leaves unspoken.

Liberals are not just unwilling to accept unhappy facts, they are incapable of doing so. Read Entire Post

The Truth You Will Never Hear from the Political Class

In Economics, Health Care Reform, Politics on October 14, 2010 at 5:00 AM

There is an elephant in the room, and no one in politics has mentioned it.

Health Insurance even before Obamacare is, actually, socialist. Read Entire Post

Repeal is not Enough

In Health Care Reform, Politics on October 7, 2010 at 5:00 AM

All during the 2010 campaign we have heard candidates promising the electorate that they will vote to repeal Obamacare. For those of us familiar with the teachings of Sun Tzu, the failure of this strategy is as predictable as the sunrise. Read Entire Post

Health Care Reform Plan – Version 2.0

In Health Care Reform, Politics on August 28, 2010 at 4:14 PM


Any effort to reform health care, or more properly health care economics, must start with recognition of the core issues that must be addressed, and the problems that therefore must be solved.

To date, all reform proposals have failed in to address the core flaw in the current system.  Specifically, consumers have become detached from producers in the health care sector of the economy.

The pre-ObamaCare system relied primarily on a third party payer model to cover almost all health care transactions.  The reforms enacted under ObamaCare did not alter this fundamental model, however some of the mandates and regulations have made the third part payer model even less workable.

In either period, insurers acted as an intermediary between producers (health care providers, clinics and hospitals) and consumers (patients and their families).  This insulation resulted in consumers with higher than expected demand and producers with no pressure to lower prices while maintaining quality of service.

In response to this reality, third party payers (insurance carriers) resorted to several methods to regulate consumption and attempt to control costs.

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