Nathan Sass

Time for a New GOP Strategy – Push All In

In Barack Obama, Economics, Politics, Tea Party, The Great Recession on November 28, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Here’s an idea for the GOP in DC to think about:  Time to “push all in” and call Obama’s hand.

Instead of fighting Obama and the media (a 2 front war is not usually winnable), why not try something innovative and outside the box?

Announce that the GOP in the Senate and House will from this day forward not offer any criticism of any policy or legislative proposal made by President Obama.  Further, the GOP members of both bodies will vote “Present” in all votes (something Obama can especially appreciate).

No more GOP critics on Sunday talk shows.  No more criticism from any member of the party nationally.  Nothing.

President Obama can have anything he wants for two years (excluding cabinet and judicial appointments, and subject to the usual constitutional reviews by the courts, of course).

He can finally solve the fiscal problems we face without any interference from the right.

He claims raising taxes on a few people will fix the economy and federal budget?  Fine, prove it.

He can solve global warming with a carbon tax?  Fine, prove it.

He can solve health care with Obamacare?  Fine, prove it.

Since we are so often told that the only reason he did not succeed was the GOP blocking him, we will remove that obstacle and let him allow his “greatness” to shine.  After all, according to one of his more famous supporters, he is “our lord and savior Barack Obama”.

In exchange, Obama, Biden, his entire cabinet and staff, and any member of the House or Senate that vote for any of his policies are required to resign immediately and permanently from any government position for life if the deficit is not gone in 2 years, the economy is not growing at least 3% per year, and unemployment is not below 4%.

If his policies fail, he resigns and goes away forever, and so do all those that supported his ideas.

Seems like a fair deal to me.  He gets to prove that his plans work, that he is the chosen one, and that he was right all along.  If he is as smart and right as he tells us he is, he makes the GOP irrelevant for a generation or more, and we can move forward on his path.

If he is wrong, as the GOP (and I) believe he is, he resigns in disgrace, is shown to have been wrong and probably dishonest all along, to even those who voted for him, and we forever leave behind the foolishness of liberalism.

People want the arguing to stop, and this will do it, no matter who ends up being right.

Take away the only thing that has allowed him to survive politically – the villain.  Make him actually have to produce results and not just excuses and blame.

I would bet that he would not put his money where his mouth is, and the world will see him as a phony that will not back up his ideas with his own money.

In poker, when you are sure you have the winning hand and are up against someone that you are sure doesn’t, you push all in.  You force the other guy to bet it all.  If he beats you, so be it.  If you are sure, you make that bet with confidence.  If you are right, the game is over and you win.

As a conservative, I am pretty confident in my positions.  I know they work.  Furthermore, I am just as confident that President Obama’s leftism and liberalism is doomed to fail.  I am ready to go “all in” because I know his hand will be a loser.

Time for the GOP to call Obama “all in” and finally see who is right, leftists/liberals or conservatives/capitalists.

  1. While this is not going to happen, it’s worth proposing. And it has it’s merits. My one concern would be the practical cost – in time, treasure and aggravation, let alone lives – of undoing all of the damage and destruction to our economy, our national morals and our standing in the world that would occur should your advice be followed. Still, there is surely a part of me – and most thinking conservatives – that can’t help but tell the GOP, “Go for it!”

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