Nathan Sass

Barack Obama – The Children’s TV President!

In 2012 Elections, Barack Obama, Big Bird, Humor, Politics on October 11, 2012 at 1:08 PM

In the days since President Obama’s implosion during the first debate, The Obama Campaign has decided to sharpen their attacks on Mitt Romney, and focus on real issues….specifically, Big Bird.

Democrats not affiliated with the Obama campaign are pulling their collective hair out.

“Why”, they ask, “are you focusing on this issue?”

Perhaps they just failed to notice, but Obama is a HUGE fan of children’s television.  Maybe the biggest fan ever.

Focusing on Big Bird should really come as no surprise to anyone paying even a little attention.

His campaign in 2008 was centered around a ripped-off line from a children’s television show, too.  This isn’t even new ground.

Seriously.  He won the election for President of the United States solely by ripping off Bob the Builder!

“Can we fix it?  YES WE CAN!”

See for yourself:

Come on….sing along!!!!   “Obama the President….Can we fix it?  Obama the President….YES WE CAN!”

What actually IS surprising is that it took this long for Obama to revert to his true self and focus on Nickelodeon and Children’s Television Workshop for his inspiration.

Think of all the material he missed by waiting for Romney to open the door.

He could have run for re-election with the slogan “Swiper, no swiping!!!” ripped off right from Dora the Explorer.

Imagine the following clip with the evil Mitt Romney’s head pasted on the top of Swiper the Fox, and brave and noble Barack Obama’s on Dora’s body.  BEST CAMPAIGN AD EVER!!!

(I guess that means that Biden’s head gets stuck on the monkey sidekick, Boots the Monkey.  Strangely fitting, when you think about it.  Hey Rush….feel free to use that one…Biden is now officially Boots the Monkey!)

Barack Obama’s defense of Big Bird is not surprising in another sense.

Why should we be the least bit surprised that Obama is taking up the cause of a fellow empty suit and puppet?  Just like Big Bird, Obama cannot say anything intelligent without someone else’s hand up his back, putting the words in his mouth.  The first debate proved that conclusively.

I personally look forward to the next debate.  I am very hopeful that President Obama will finally give in to his true nature.  It would probably look like something like this.

Lest anyone think I am being too harsh, just check out this video of an actual, honest to God, real life, no fooling campaign stop for President Obama, brought to you by the letter O and the number 16,000,000,000,000.  (That’s 16 trillion for you Obama supporters who cannot yet count that high.)


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