Nathan Sass

Reaction to the Evil Act in Oak Creek, WI

In Politics on August 6, 2012 at 1:52 PM

I haven’t posted in a while.  A combination of summer activities and personal events have consumed most of my free time.

Then came Sunday August 5, 2012.

A man consumed by evil and hate took 6 innocent and peaceful lives, and destroyed countless others.

My initial reaction was shock.  Shock that his happened in my beloved Wisconsin.  Shock that it happened at a house of worship of a faith devoted to peaceful coexistence.  Shock that such irrational hatred can even exist.

The shock has worn off, leaving only a strange mixture of sorrow, disgust and righteous rage.

Sorrow for those who have lost loved ones.  Sorrow for those who were injured.   Sorrow for those people who will never, ever, be the same again.

I am close to those who have been victims of violent crime.  I know first hand the fear that eats away at them forever.  The constant feeling that it could all happen to them again.  I can only imagine the magnitude of the feelings of those in the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, WI.

As much as we want to, we cannot take all the fear away.  We can – and will – try, but some of the fear will always remain.

To those families and the larger Sikh community I can only offer this:

I will remain vigilant on your behalf. 

Whatever I can do to protect you, I will do.  

While it may not be much individually, know I will not be alone in my efforts.  Many more like me all over the nation will do exactly the same thing. 

We will be, to whatever extent we can be, your partners, your friends, your advocates and if need be your protectors.

Never again.  Not on my watch.

Beyond the sorrow, there is disgust and righteous rage.  Disgust that such evil is overlooked.  Rage that people who live and breathe pure evil and hate are marginalized and left to fester.

To those who share the beliefs of this evil killer I promise you this:

I will no longer overlook you.  I will no longer tolerate you in the ranks of whatever part of society I inhabit.  I will no longer remain silent to your evil.  I will oppose you at every turn – for the rest of my life.

If you believe, as this evil, sick, twisted, monster did, that your race, gender, sexual orientation or religion  makes you superior, you are wrong. 

More than wrong, you are a fools.  You are beneath contempt.  You are the very worst of what humanity has to offer.

No person is inferior.  All are created in the image of God and have value and worth.  All are to be loved and respected.

While I will fight forever for the right for you to believe and say stupid things, I will not tolerate it in my presence.

And I will not be alone. 

There are millions and millions more like me all around you. 

We will be relentless.  We will hound you into exile from society.  Will will challenge your idiocy at every turn.  You will no longer be free to plot your evil in safety and security.  You will become the hunted, where once you were the hunters.

Never again.  Not on my watch.

Some may use this event to score political points.  We should make them the object of ridicule as well.

It is all but assured that the blame will be placed on the weapon, and the person wielding it will be marginalized.  As if an inanimate object performed these evil acts of its own design.

Others will blame video games, or rock music, or the internet.

The simple truth is that this is in some ways EVERYONE’S FAULT.  It is not the internet’s fault.  It is not the gun’s fault.  It is not rock music’s fault.

WE are the ones who for too long looked the other way to these monsters among us.  This man had family.  He had friends.  People who knew the evil that lived within him, and they didn’t do anything.

He even had a rock band dedicated to his hate.  There are pictures on Myspace of his hateful performances with people in the audience.  These people also have family and friends who have not done anything to challenge these hateful beliefs.

I am not advocating a violent response.  That is what these evil sickos want.

What I am advocating is that we, individually and collectively, no longer look the other way.  Call evil out.  Make it the object of ridicule and scorn.  Do not allow it to live amongst us.  Drive it from your midst.

The time has come to accept personal responsibility.  We cannot defer the solution to some government body, or some useless legislation.   It is up to each and every one of us to take up the fight against evil.  We cannot afford to leave the work to others any longer.

While we will never fully drive evil from the world, we must do all we can individually to minimize it and rob it of its power to destroy.

We all have to say to the hateful in this world –

Never again.  Not on my watch.

  1. No one has the right to take away another person’s life over a difference in beliefs. This is an affront to the very idea of the America. While I have no idea exactly how I’d protect the Sikh community, I believe that anyone in America that thinks the way this attacker thought should be stripped of their citizenship and shown to the border.

    Michael Darr

  2. It Sounds to me like the author hates evil. And I believe hatred has its place. We should all hate evil when it takes root in ourselves most of all. And be ever vigilant to define and recognize evil within ourselves and combat it with truth which I believe is the opposite of evil.

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