Nathan Sass

What Does a Tea Party Solution Look Like?

In Tea Party on June 18, 2012 at 11:09 AM

There is a real and significant difference between the solutions proposed by the left and the right related to the issues of the day.  In broad strokes, the Tea Party prefers solutions centered on an ethos of personal responsibility, and the left tends to favor solutions overseen by government.

So how does that work in real life?  Do the Tea Party’s solutions amount to a cold-hearted view of those in trouble?  Is the left correct when it tells itself it is “more caring” than the Tea Party?

From personal experience I can tell you that the Tea Party (or more correctly the members of the Tea Party) are not the cold-hearted monsters the left wants to imagine them to be, nor are those on the left very “caring” of their fellow-man at all.

Consider this simple situation:  Suppose there is a child who for whatever reason finds him or her self in a situation where they are in need of a family.  Perhaps the parents are just not good people.  What would the respective groups do to help this child?

The members of the Tea Party (almost to a person) would take action.  Someone would open their home, and welcome that child in with love.  They would make them one of their own.  They would take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for solving the problem.

They would not look to some alphabet soup agency for guidance.  They would not demand a check every month to cover expenses.  They would just “man up” – as it were – and DO SOMETHING.  They would even fight in court if necessary, because they cannot bring themselves to do anything less when a child is at stake.

What would the typical leftist do in this same situation?  In my opinion, it would go something like this:

First, they would tell everyone they know how tragic this is, and how it is a reflection of the horrible policies of the right.  That would last about a week.  (The kid is still suffering, mind you.)

After a little while, if they haven’t been distracted by the newest Apple iWhatever, they would probably make a phone call to the local Department of Child Welfare and report the situation.

Now the ball is really rolling for our typical liberal.  They did what their personal politics teaches them – call government for help. (The kid is STILL suffering.)

So now the Child Welfare people are on the case!  In about 3 or 4 weeks (or more), one of them will manage to make a visit to the child (between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM on a weekday that is not a holiday per union contract restrictions), and begin to conduct a study of the home environment.  (The kid is STILL SUFFERING, BTW.)

The study is of course racially and culturally sensitive, and must take into account the background of the parents when determining the conditions the child is living in.  We cannot rush to judgement and call parents “bad” without understanding their cultural norms.  That would be insensitive.  (The kid is STILL SUFFERING, remember.)

So the Child Welfare agent studies, and studies, and studies some more.  (Again, M-F, 8-4 on non-holidays.)

At the end of about a month or two of studies (or longer if the agent had a vacation scheduled), the agent determines that the conditions are not ideal, but it would be culturally insensitive to call them “bad parents” and might even hurt their feelings, too.  So the agent recommends some parenting classes.

The parents, being the lousy parents they are, ignore this and go along as they have been for another few months.  Maybe the agent notices this and makes another home visit, or maybe he/she forgets all about it…they are really busy you know!  (The kid is STILL SUFFERING, BTW.)

If the agent notices, they just might make an effort to have the child removed, and place them into the foster care system.  More likely, they just do another intervention and schedule more classes.  Perhaps they forget all about it entirely.

And on and on it would go, with the child suffering the entire time.  Just another brick in the wall, as Pink Floyd would say.  A number in the system.

And our original liberal in this scenario?

Oh, they spend that whole time telling anyone that listens how über caring they were, and how those nasty Tea Party people would never have done what they did.

And our liberal friend is right.  We wouldn’t.

We just would have fixed it.

Tell me again who the caring and loving people are again???


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