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Waukesha Students Stand With Walker

In 2012 Elections, Politics, Scott Walker, Tea Party, WI Budget Battle on June 4, 2012 at 7:56 AM

There is a tendency for most adults to believe that all teenagers are uniformly sympathetic with the left and Occupy Wall Street.

Students at Waukesha North High School and Waukesha West High School are shattering that myth and taking very public stance in support of conservative policies and more specifically Governor Scott Walker.

A few students at both high schools took the initiative to request I Stand With Scott Walker t-shirts from the Waukesha County GOP and pass them out, free of charge, to any of their fellow students who wanted them.  (UPDATE:   Pics of some students can be found here.)

Their efforts did not stop there, though.  Today, on the last day of regular classes at both schools and the day before the recall election between Walker and Democrat Tom Barrett, all the students who received a I Stand With Scott Walker shirt have agreed to wear them to school to show support for their governor.

I spoke with the student at Waukesha North who was responsible for the effort, Ryan Richards.  According to Ryan, the effort began with a few friends of his at Waukesha West, and he decided to bring the effort to his school.

Ryan reports that he has passed out more than 100 shirts in just two days last week.  Ryan reminded the students to vote on June 5th if they were of age, or to remind their parents to vote if they were not yet 18.

I asked Ryan about the response of the faculty and administration to his efforts, and while there was not a direct attempt to stop his one man Get out The Vote effort, there was some thinly veiled hostility, as one might expect.

One teacher, who Ryan refused to name because in his words, he “likes her and doesn’t want to get her in trouble”, singled Ryan out among a group of several in the halls just after the bell rang and demanded he return to the classroom.  When Ryan asked why only he was required to return to the classroom, the teacher responded “I’m just doing what your governor wants to do, pick on one person unfairly.”

Later that day, Ryan reports he was pulled from class by the Principal, Jody Landish, and a vice Principal who proceeded to demand to search his backpack and the duffel bag he was carrying the Walker shirts in.  When Ryan asked why he was being searched, and singled out, he was informed that the administrators were responding to a rumor that he was carrying a water gun in his bag, and that this “had nothing to do with the Walker t-shirts”.

Ryan, of course, was not in possession of a water pistol and to the best of his knowledge no one else in the school was searched in a similar manner that day.  In my opinion, this was an effort to intimidate Ryan in response to his efforts to support Scott Walker within the school.

I did do a quick check on iVerifyTheRecall for names matching the administrators of Waukesha North.  Ms. Landish and the Vice Principal in question were not listed among the names of recall signers.  One other Vice Principal, Mr. Robert Blessington, was the only name I was able to find among the recall signers.

I have asked my two children, who also attend Waukesha North (and are proudly wearing their Walker t-shirts today) to report back on any further events today.  If the administration or teachers take any measures to stifle the free political speech of these students, I will report it on these pages.  I have also asked them to send me photos of the students in their shirts so I can share it with my readers.

I certainly hope there is nothing to report, beyond photos of students in their I Stand With Scott Walker shirts, but something tells me that some of the more militant faculty will be unable to resist the urge to use their power in the classroom to punish a student who dares to publicly support Scott Walker.

What has already occurred is somewhat disturbing to me.  That faculty and administrators would be so bold as to single out a student who is doing nothing more that being an engaged citizen is unacceptable.  I hope that the School Board of Waukesha takes a long look at these events at North, and any that occur at Waukesha West, and take appropriate action.  If they fail to do so, the voters of Waukesha should replace them with a board willing to do so in the future.

Finally, I would like to say a few words to all the students at both schools who have had the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

You young men and women are an inspiration to me.  You have shown me, and many other adults, that your generation is not disconnected from the world around you.  I am tremendously proud of each and every one of you.

You have shown that you ARE paying attention, and more importantly that you care enough to risk ridicule and worse from authority figures or peers in order to support a cause you believe in.

You have reminded us all that even though the mainstream media portrays young people as uniformly left of center, there are many strong and proud young conservatives that are ready, willing and able to carry the conservative message forward well after all of us old fogies are long gone.

For that, I thank you.

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  2. Glad to hear of the students boldness in the face of any perceived hostility from the teachers and administration. My 2 oldest graduated from North and my son, Jason, was always very outspoken and bold in his defense of conservative principles. Jason graduated in 1990 and, even back then, his views were not welcome in academia. Then he went on to college and continued to challenge his professors unabashedly. He would never buy the liberal lies.

  3. Very, very cool; it’s kids like that who end up growing up to be CEO’s and Presidents; not afraid to stand up for what they believe in!!

  4. Has anyone asked the lovely young ladies shown on facebook wearing these shirts how they feel, knowing that according to Scott Walker, they can have the same experiences as their mail counterparts, have the same education as their male counterparts, do the same job as their male counterparts………. and get paid less, now that Scott Walker repealed the Equal Pay Act in April? The Equal Pay law wasn’t just about women—it also offered protection from discrimination based on race, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and other factors.

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