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Scott Walker is (Still) Winning in Madison

In 2012 Elections, Politics, Scott Walker, WI Budget Battle on April 18, 2012 at 6:00 AM

With apologies to William Shakespeare, allow me summarize the recall effort in Wisconsin:

The Recall’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Polls are coming out from even Democrat sources indicating that Scott Walker has at least a 5 point lead on the best possible Democrat challenger, Tom Barrett.

This, after 14 months of non-stop rallies, protests, boycotts, accusations, allegations, lies, threats and intimidation and millions and millions of dollars.

As the kids today say:  EPIC.  FAIL.

Democrats, and their labor union leader overlords, have spent all those millions of dollars to accomplish…..nothing.

They do not control the Wisconsin State Senate, they do not control the Wisconsin Assembly, they do not control the Wisconsin Supreme Court, they did not get Act 10 thrown out in Federal Court, they will not get voter ID thrown out in state court, the last of the old style union contracts are expiring making Act 10 operational all over the state,  they will never have the votes to repeal Act 10 in my lifetime, WEA Trust has lost roughly $70 million in revenue in one year alone, private sector unions are now not exactly buddy-buddy with the public sector unions, the north woods is ready to revolt over the lost iron mine, and…..

Scott Walker is (Still) Winning in Madison.

Back in February of 2011, I proclaimed that Walker had already won, before Act 10 was even proposed.  In short, the Democrats had put all their campaign cash eggs in one basket, the public sector unions, and Walker was going to take away that basket.

Act 10 does not make the public sector union illegal, but it does make them impotent, and may end up costing them members all over the state.  No members means no money.  No money means no campaign donations.   No campaign donations means no election wins.

The Democrats in Wisconsin are in very, VERY, serious trouble.  They have made a bad situation worse by going “all in” on the Walker recall.

If, and when, they lose the race against Walker, they will have used every weapon at their disposal (even some that they just invented in the last year) and tens of millions of dollars they will never get back and still lost.

The rank and file in the party will be discouraged and the money will dry up, especially from that same rank and file.

Just in time for the Presidential elections in November.

Obama probably cannot win without Wisconsin, and will not win Wisconsin with a depressed Democrat Party rank and file who just lost the biggest election in their lives to Scott Walker.  Walker may actually become the leading choice for VP with Romeny, making Wisconsin even harder for Obama to win.

Beyond the immediate political fallout, there is a larger and more important lesson here for conservatives and Republicans.

We conservatives and Republicans have become shell shocked over the years, living in constant fear of being out strategized.  We constantly think that the Democrats have some grand plan that we just aren’t seeing.  We imagine them to be tactical and strategic geniuses equal to Alexander the Great.

The truth is they are not nearly as strategically gifted as we believed.  They cannot read the future any better than we can.  They aren’t always 4 moves ahead of us.

Usually, this illusion of being “out strategized” was all it took for Republicans to run away from a fight.

The experience in Wisconsin may finally shine the light of truth on that lie.

How many other fights could we have won over the years if only we had the courage to take on the left?   An almost total end to abortion?  REAL cuts to government spending?  A flat tax?  National right to work?  Privatizing Social Security and Medicare?

Act 10 was more controversial and risky than every single one of those things.  It went after the biggest source of political cash for the Democrat Party, AND threatened to neuter the political power of the public sector unions AT THE SAME TIME.  Yet Walker and the WI GOP went ahead anyway.

It took Scott Walker and the Republicans in the legislature to show the whole nation that the left has probably always been a paper tiger that need not be so feared.

I hope that GOP politicians all over take a lesson from Gov. Walker and realize that they need not fear the Democrat Strategist boogeyman that has haunted their dreams for decades.

We.  Are.  Winning.

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