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Dem’s Suit on Fake Candidates Shows Electoral Weakness

In 2012 Elections, Politics, Scott Walker, WI Budget Battle on April 13, 2012 at 6:00 AM

The Democrat Party of Wisconsin has had a surrogate file a complaint with the GAB seeking to have candidates removed from the Democrat primary ballots for the state senate recall elections.  Given the radical nature of the GAB, they might get the ruling they want, but it is unlikely.

I think the bigger picture is being overlooked by some conservatives.  Conservatives have rightly concluded that this is an effort by Democrats to move the state senate general recall elections forward to the same date as the governor recall primary.  In plain english, they want to have the senate recalls to happen when Democrat voter turnout will be highest due to the Falk/Barret race.

Certainly this is a transparent effort to make a win in a senate recall more possible, but it also betrays a deeper truth.  Democrats may just have concluded that they are going to lose all 4 senate recall races under normal election circumstances.

People’s actions are usually the best indicator of what they really believe.  In this case, the desperate move to try to remove valid candidates from a ballot is the biggest tip-off you could ever expect.

The state senate recalls of summer 2011 did not exactly go well for the Democrats.  They did win 2 of the 5 races, but in both cases the GOP senators were weak and likely to lose in the next regular election anyway.  Those 2 wins were political “gimmes”, and nothing more.

The race the Dems most wanted to win was the Darling recall.  They lost that one in grand fashion, even after spending more money than anyone thought possible and with a very viable candidate on the ballot.  Darling won with a larger margin (in percentage) than her last election, in a “swing” district no less.

The 4 senators up this time around are in districts at least equivalent to Darling’s in partisan makeup, if not more Republican.  Furthermore, none of the 4 GOP candidates (Fitzgerald, Wanggaard, Moulton and Petrowski) are hindered by personal scandal as one GOP candidate was in 2011.

The most vulnerable of the 4 is probably Wanggaard, and the best candidate the Democrats could muster was the guy Wanggaard just beat handily in 2010.  It is bound to be a closer race this time, but Wanggaard is likely well positioned to win.

All of these details explains why the Democrats are desperate enough to try to get the election dates moved up to their gubernatorial primary date.  On almost any other day, they know they will lose all 4 senate races, along with the Walker recall, and look bad doing it.

The Democrats are desperate at this point.  They are acting out in the same manner a wounded animal would.  They desperately need a win…ANY win.  Let’s look back on their track record to date to understand why:

  • They lost the Wisconsin Supreme Court race right on the heels of Act 10 when passions were at their height.
  • They failed in their bid to retake the state senate in 2010.
  • They lost their case in the Wisconsin Supreme Court to try to have Act 10 struck down.
  • They lost all but everything in Federal Court to similarly try to have Act 10 struck down.
  • They will probably lose the appeal on voter ID, which will then be in place for the recall elections.

For a movement that they attempt to paint as an unstoppable tide, the Democrats have almost nothing to show for all their (very expensive) efforts.

Their biggest “win” was probably blocking the mining bill, which will end up being a loss in the end.  They likely will lose a state senator over that, may also have a RINO ally state senator run out of office, and can probably kiss most of the north woods of Wisconsin goodbye in the Walker recall elections.

The GOP would be well advised to see this action as a positive development.  It is likely to fail ultimately, and the elections will occur as originally scheduled.

On that day, we just might see a GOP sweep of the recall elections.  Walker will retain his position as governor, and the GOP will hold on to all 4 seats in the state senate.

A few short months later, the presidential elections will occur, and Wisconsin could go Romney-red due in part to deflated democrat voters staying home, still stinging after another in a long series of bitter defeats.

And without Wisconsin, Obama probably can’t win re-election.

This little lawsuit sure tells a big story, doesn’t it?

  1. Well said, Nathan. Conservatives of every affiliation should realize that they’ve won the debate on the facts. But we just need to remember to stay engaged and show up for every election day, so that we can defeat the trickery and deceptions that the liberals will continue to attempt in an effort to foil the will of the people.

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