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The Church Of State

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Much has been made of the religious convictions of the current field of Presidential contenders.  Questions about about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith along with Rick Santorum and Barack Obama’s Christian faith.

Whether or not Obama is a confessing Christian is not really a question anyone can answer.  Christians are warned “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” (Matt 7:1 NIV).  Only God knows the condition of faith in his, or anyone’s, heart.

But the scriptures very quickly also remind us that we have a way to determine the sincerity of a professed faith.  “By their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matt 7:16 NIV).  We are reminded by Christ to examine actions, not words.  Words, especially in matters of faith, are easy and empty things.

So what do the actions of Obama and the left in general show us about their faith?

I believe their actions betray a very, VERY, deeply held religious conviction, however it is not a religion in the conventional sense.

The left worships government as it’s god.

God, from a Judeo-Christian standpoint has three essential attributes.  He is omniscient, meaning all knowing.  He is omnipotent, meaning all powerful.  He is omnipresent, meaning everywhere at the same time.

For the left, the government has assumed each of these roles.

They believe that the government is omniscient.  There is no question the government does not have the right answer to.  Every issue that can be raised can ever only be answered by the government.  Government knows all, always, and is never wrong.

They also believe that government is omnipotent, and can do anything it wants, whenever it wants.  There is no problem government cannot solve, and there is no power or ability it lacks.  According to people like Obama, the Constitution with it’s list of “negative liberties” restricts the power of government from doing what it rightly should, like placing God in chains.

If it were not for that pesky 200 year old document written by “racist, rich, dead, white men”, government would have already solved all the problems of this world and we would have a peaceful utopia free from hunger, sickness and hate.

Those of us who revere the Constitution are the biggest obstacle preventing the left’s god from bringing heaven to earth.  We are a direct threat to their religion and their god, and thus we are to be destroyed.

The left also believe that government is omnipresent, or at least it should be.  Again, that pesky Constitution prevents this, but they are well on their way to making their god an ever present element of all our lives.

The left’s demands that government perform literal miracles and stop the waters from rising after Katrina is the best evidence of their belief that government has all three of these qualities.  They literally prayed to their god (government) for deliverance.  “Oh, government, please save us!  Repair these lives.  Stop the flooding.”

To them, god (government) should have known Katrina would happen and prevented it, or failing that rescued everyone impacted within minutes of the flooding.   Then god (government) should have provided miraculous healing and restoration to those who lost anything.  Who else but god could have prevented, or ended, a natural disaster and then bestowed healing miracles on the people?  It’s positively Old Testament.

The correlations do not just stop at the elevation of government to deity, either.

The left’s god even has a fully functional ecclesiastical order, just like the Catholic Chuch.  They even have a “Vatican City” – Washington D.C., where the White House serves as the Papal Apartments and the Capital building is the Basilica of St. Peter.

The pope of the left’s religion is currently Barak Obama who is the personal representative of their god (government) on earth.  He is the head of the church of state.  When his term expires they expect to elect a proper orthodox successor.

If the people dare to elect someone like Reagan to head the church of state, they are inconsolable.  Any conservative president is nothing less than an apostate pope that threatens to destroy their very religion from the inside.

Their “college of cardinals” is the leftist contingent in Congress, as well as leaders on the state level.  These are the men and women charged with enforcing the doctrine of the church of state.

Again, conservatives are a direct threat to the doctrine of the church of state and must be destroyed as heretics.  Unfortunately, the orthodox members of the church of state are not able to burn such rebels at the stake….well, not yet anyway.

This context makes the death threats against someone like Scott Walker not only reasonable, but expected.  Scott Walker is destroying their church and their faith.  He must be eliminated.

They also have an arm responsible for liturgy of the church of state.  We know this liturgic group as the media.  The media makes certain that the pronouncements of the pope and cardinals of the church of state are transmitted to the parishioners accurately.  They also make sure to expose as heretical the beliefs of the right, which threatens their faith directly.

Conservative media, such as talk radio and to a lesser extent Fox News, is a heretical propaganda machine directly opposed to their god (government) and its church of state.  It only ever tells lies and can never be trusted.  Therefore it must be eliminated before it corrupts the minds of the faithful with its heretical lies.  It is literally, in this context, evil.

Finally, the church of state has a large contingent of priests and priestesses.  Many serve in the church of state’s educational outreach effort as teachers and professors, instructing the masses about the almighty, all knowing and all loving god of the church of state, government.

Still others serve in the ranks of the missionary corps, taking the message of the church of state to the people among them.  These are the people you see protesting with Occupy Wall Street or the Madison Capitol rotunda, but are not limited to just those chanting and banging drums.

They are also the people proclaiming the gospel of the church of state on their bumpers, on their clothes, and even in their work.  All those movie stars, for example, who preach the message of the church of state from the stage are nothing more than missionaries of the church of state preaching to the masses.

Lastly, the church of state demands its tithes from the people.  Government, not the Judeo-Christian God, is deserving of your “first fruits”.  It takes its tribute from your pay before you even receive it.  It makes sure that you have made your proper contribution to the church of state before you have even fed or clothed yourself.

It is only fitting and right in the minds of the members of the church of state that government get as much as government wants.  It is literally sinful to deny government its due offerings.  Thus the insistence on heavy taxation of the rich, because their god (government) is the rightful owner of that money, not you, and will use it best to bless the faithful.

If this sounds drastic to you, I ask only that you step back and examine the left’s “fruits”.  Whom do they serve?  To whom do they ask for deliverance?  Do they not in fact “worship” government as I describe?

Ask any leftist for an example of a problem that government is not able to solve.  Ask a leftist for an issue that is not best understood by, and then addressed by, government.  Ask a leftist what power government should never have.

I would be willing to bet that the orthodox members of the church of state, like Obama, would answer that there is nothing the government cannot know, cannot solve, or should ever be prevented from doing  provided they were to be completely honest in their answer.  Their actions betray this belief, and their faith as members of the church of state and their worship of their almighty god (government).

The next time Obama says that something cannot be done by, or fixed by, government will be the first.  I for one do not expect that to occur any time soon.

These are the left’s fruits, and we are to examine them closely.  Some of them may profess a faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, but their fruits show that they actually worship another deity altogether, and it is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


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