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Tax the Rich…Entertainers!

In Economics, Humor, Politics, Rush Limbaugh, Tax Policy, Taxes on January 12, 2012 at 6:00 AM

The left, led by the President of the United States, has for many years been calling on increased taxation of “the rich”.  Nevermind that the definition of “the rich” has changed more times than Lady GaGa’s wardrobe.  The left sees whoever they define as “the rich” today as fair targets for punitive taxation.

What I find most interesting is that most of the entertainment industry, dominated by liberals, supports this call without reservation.  Hollywood and other assorted media millionaires even went so far as to join Occupy Wall Street to lend credibility to the cause, and promote the left’s call for increased taxes on “the rich”.

I have a simple proposal that will allow us to determine the genuineness of their beliefs on this subject.

I call on the GOP Senate members and House members to draft and propose a simple piece of legislation:  The Entertainment Industry Fair Share Tax Act (aka – The Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Act)

This legislation would require that all Americans who receive income in the entertainment industry pay a 99.9% tax rate on any and all income above $3,000,000 per year.  (Hey, that’s still a lot of money!)

For the purposes of the legislation, “entertainment industry” will be defined as an occupation such as Singing, Dancing, Acting, Athletics, as well as those employed in Managing, Producing and/or Directing such persons.  These activities are produced primarily as a distraction for their intended audiences, and no not have the primary purpose to inform or educate.  These people also produce nothing of tangible economic value.

It does not include anyone engaged in the activity of discussing or relaying news or commentary on the news, as their occupations are not purely for entertainment purposes and provide a valuable service to society in disseminating the important news of the day.  (Thinking of you, Mr. Limbaugh!)

This simple legislation will act as a surtax on the entertainment industry, who has seen obscene profits over the years on the backs of the working men and women of America who pay their salaries.  The greed and profiteering has caused the price of CD’s, DVD’s, cable television, and the price of admission to movies and sporting events to rise out of control.  Such profits are un-American and not fair.

Furthermore, the members of this industry have gone to great lengths to publicly advocate for higher taxes on themselves, and it is high time that the US Congress pass and the President sign a “Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is” bill.

The proposed legislation is in full compliance with the US Constitution, as this bill is not a “Bill of Attainder” and fully conforms to all other provisions and protections afforded via the US Constitution.

Democrats would of course gladly support this bill (unless they are somehow hypocrites).  Every argument they have made in the past about oil company profits also applies to the entertainment industry.  What’s more, the oil industry actually produces something necessary and of real value to our economy, while the entertainment industry cannot make such claims.  All the more reason to go after them the same way the Democrats proposed going after oil companies.

I personally would enjoy immensely watching Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and most especially Oprah Winfrey attempt to justify opposition to this legislation after such vocal support of increased taxation of the rich.  We would see an increase in federal revenue of $683 Million from these 3 alone!  Now imagine how much more it would be when you include LeBron James, and all the other high paid sports stars, movie stars and music stars.

I can’t wait to hear just what argument they might come up with that taxing them at a very high level is wrong, but taxing the rich in general isn’t.

The added benefit would be that the price of all forms of entertainment would decrease, making these things affordable for the working man and/or woman and their families.  You could actually afford to take your kids to the movies, or to see a baseball game without taking out a home equity loan!

So call your Congressman and your Senator.  Tell them it’s time the rich entertainers paid their fair share.  Tell them to punish Big Entertainment for making obscene profits off the backs of working families.

Tax the rich entertainers!

Are you with me on this, Occupy Wall Street?


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