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For the GOP Elite, Even A Win Is Not A Win

In 2012 Elections, Politics, Scott Walker, Tea Party, WI Budget Battle on January 9, 2012 at 12:46 AM

I have received a lot of feedback related to my last posting regarding the political situation in WI.  Some of it has come from “insiders” in the conservative movement and GOP elite types.

They all seem to have one thing in common.  The conventional wisdom (if you can call it that) is that the GOP and Walker “got their butts kicked” in the 2011 elections following the Act 10 budget battle.

I’m not sure what exactly a butt kicking in politics is from an empirical standpoint, but I think it would probably look like the defeat that was handed to Walter Mondale in 1984 or to Democrats in the US House in 2010.  Both were pretty massive defeats.

How does WI in 2011 measure up?

Mondale won his home state (MN) and DC, and that was all.

The Dems lost the most seats in one election in modern times (post WWII).

Those were but kickings, to be sure.  So how do the elections in WI stack up to those?

Well, the first one was Kloppenburg vs. Prosser for the State Supreme Court.  The seat was the majority maker, and it was well understood that a Kloppenburg win would be the end of Act 10 and Walker’s reforms.  In that sense, it was our first statewide referendum on Act 10 (which was not yet even fully in place).

Prosser, and by extension Walker, won by .5% (50.2% to 49.7%).  Not a huge margin, but Prosser did win.  Yet the GOP elite claim this is a union led “butt kicking”?  We got our butts kicked in an election we won?  Huh???

Next let’s examine the recall elections in the Summer of 2011.  5 GOP state senators faced recall.  The Dems needed to win 3 races and not lose any of the seats in the soon to follow recalls of Dem state senators.

The Dems won 2 seats.  1 Fewer than their stated goal.  The two they won were, in one case a stong Dem district with a GOP senator and in the other a GOP senator who was sleeping around with his 24-year-old aide.  His wife even endorsed his opponent.  Not exactly big surprises in either case.

The rest of the races were not even close.  In the big one focused on by both sides, the sitting GOP senator (Darling) won by a larger margin than she did in the previous election.

And the GOP elite and conservative intelligentsia consider this too to be a “butt kicking”.  The GOP retained the control of the Senate, and lost 2 seats they probably should have lost anyway, and this is a butt kicking?  I am confused.  Didn’t we win???

What am I missing here?

Isn’t this a bit like the Broncos coaches and front office thinking that their victory against the Steelers last night was a butt kicking?  “We won, but it was too close, so we really lost.  In fact, we got our butts kicked.  Nevermind that we actually won, the Steelers really kicked out butts.  Next week we are going to lose big time to the Patriots.  We suck.”

These are the people running the GOP and the leading minds on the right in WI.  They believe victories are really just defeats in disguise.  Unless we win an election 98% – 2%, we got our butts kicked.

They wring their hands and worry endlessly about the mythological power of the unions and the inevitable defeat of Scott Walker.  They are already looking for excuses to blame it on to cover their backsides and save their reputations.  “We were out spent.  We were out organized.  They had so many more victory centers and yard signs.  Don’t blame us!!!!:”

Hogwash an poppycock.

Sure, there is every chance Walker can lose. No election is a sure thing until it is over and all the votes counted.  No one says to just relax and take the summer off.  But can we please stop with the pants wetting over the über powerful unions?  They are not invincible.  Far from it, actually.  We know their tactics now, and how to overcome them.

Might I remind you that the unions (and Dems) have spent countless millions of precious dollars (that now cannot go to defend Obama and retain Kohl’s seat) and have exactly nothing of real value to show for it.  They control nothing.  They not only failed to stop Act 10, they failed to stop redistricting and voter ID to boot.  They have lost more in one year than perhaps the entirety my lifetime put together.

Even more importantly, unions have begun to decertify all over the state, and will probably continue to do so at ever faster rates.  Dues collections are probably down quite a bit this year.  And for all the chest puffing they have done on the Walker recall, they sure seem to display every sign of desperation to get signatures we were all told were going to roll in like a February blizzard in WI.

Barrett got 1 million votes in 2010.  If the unions manage to get 650,000 signatures it will be about 65% of Barrett’s votes.  Considering that this is the single most publicized petition effort in human history, and has been going on for over a month on every street corner from Kenosha to Superior, that just seems kind of weak to me.  I would have expected that they get close to the same number Barret pulled in on a single Tuesday in November when people had to go to a specific place and wait in line.

But maybe I am wrong and signing in front of Fleet Farm is some how more troublesome than waiting in line on a single Tuesday at a local school while on your lunch break.

I am growing so tired of our “leadership” in the GOP and much of the conservative media.  Every day brings more doom and gloom.  More wins portrayed as losses.  More defeat looming just over the horizon.  They are more willing to surrender than a room full of French generals.

Thank God they don’t run the Packers, or they might just call in a forfeit to the Giants on Sunday and go home.

  1. Like you am I very tired of the song and dance, but some of the things that I am hearing as far as the GOP are concerned is in the papers like the article about the 3 milw. county employees that did somethings wrong, dont know specifics but really this is suppose to be a cloud over Walker’s and the GOP’s head… really???

    I would like for someone, actually any of the main stream media maggots to really report what this recall is going to cost us the taxpayers of this state, for the election, run-offs if needed, and all of this mess.

    They are stomping their feet like the 2 year old in the store cause they cant have candy or what they want. Wah!

    We as a state elected Scott Walker and his brown bag campaign to tighten the belts of our state, stop the over spending, and over taxing, stop having schools take 51% (town of Somers) of our money and have nothing to show for it, no increase in the graduation levels of our district(KUSD).

    As a WI resident and taxpayer I want them to live on a budget just like my family does, we scrimp and save to be able to pay for the things we want, while the Union elites want their money from the Union Members, so sorry if you cant do anything for them I wouldnt pay them either.

    I think that they could go further and have a few more programs of pay as you go, yes I am talking about budget items, schools all of them, if you are an agency that has a State symbol on the door, you need to show you are profitable, not that you can tax the citizens for what you need but to show that your office is a well oiled and functioning part of the puzzle called WI politics.

    If you can not raise money for your school, office or whatever maybe you are not as needed as you thought you were, I do not know many people that if they knew that you were no longer feeding at the public teet would not help you, I am thinking of back in the day the Police Dept. would organize public tours, or ride alongs, for a fee, or have bake-sales or the like so that they could get new uniforms.

    We as a State need to be more “thinking outside the box” and less gimme grabbers that are in abundance in Madison, and yes Milwaukee, seems I heard those two areas are the seat of the majority of the libs as well as the Dems that want to have everything for nothing, no work, no effort just give, well we as tax paying members of the State have had enough of this and if you dont want to work for what you have or want, then go without.

    Yes I know it is cold out there, its a bitter 51 degrees today, usually it is below zero, am I saying that everyone should be out in the cold, NO I am saying that if you are younger than 55, have no pysical ailments that prevent you from working (drug addiction is not an ailment) then go get a job, I dont care if it is below what you were making before, I dont care that you would make more on unemployment, McDonalds is hiring, matter of fact I know that they are hiring people over 18 and out of high school BEFORE the standard shift workers of under 18, because they would rather hire someone that needs the work rather than a kid who wants to work.

    Sorry this is so long, but I am tired of all this too.

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