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Christmas Music – Social Order’s Decline on Display?

In Crazy Liberals, Humor, Politics on November 14, 2011 at 5:46 PM

Ok.  I will admit that I have been listenting to the local radio station’s “All Christmas music – all the time” broadcasts since last week.

Listening to the selections on the radio has opened my eyes to two things:  1) There really aren’t that many Christmas songs, and 2) our society is imploding.

Obviously trying to fill hour after hour forces stations to use ever more obscure carols and renditions of long time favorites.  So far, the one that makes me most want to puncture my eardrums is Christina Aguilera’s version of “This Christmas”.

Not only is it a fringe Christmas song, but Ms. Aguilera manages to make an already marginal song truly atrocious with her non-stop “look at me” warbling and wailing, even over the instrumental parts of the song.

Don’t believe me?  Listen for yourself, if you dare.  You have been warned!

But this post is not just about the worst Christmas song in the history of mankind.  This song says a lot about who we have become in the last 70 or so years since Bing Crosby debuted “White Christmas”.

The Bing Crosby version is 70 years old this year on Christmas Day.  According to many polls, it is rated as America’s favorite song, both Christmas and overall.

Unbelievably, in 70 years our social order has so disintegrated that a recording of Christina Aguilera making almost random noises and screaming in apparent pain is a big hit (“My Kind of Christmas” was the Billboard #1 holiday album in 2000).

When you step back and think about it, it’s not even a surprise.  We are a society that has become the domain of the perpetual adolescent.  This is what the left has defined as “progress”.

Occupy Wall Street is populated by people in adult bodies with the minds and reasoning of 14  year olds.

Liberals teaching in schools have stressed “individual expression”, “non-conformity” and “self-esteem” for decades in favor of stressing logic, reasoning and facts during instruction (complete with actual consequences for failure).

So why shouldn’t our music reflect this decline, even at Christmas time?  It naturally follows that our music observes no convention, and is nothing more than a preening contest where the more you can show off, the better.  Who cares if it sounds like garbage?  It’s more important to be flashy than it is to have any substance.

Gone is the society that had, and enforced, rules.  No longer is there even the smallest sense of regimentation and limitation, even in our music.

We are now at a point that even the national anthem is the subject of endless showing off.  The artists are more important than the anthem itself and need to “express themselves” by butchering the song with constant ad-libs and squealing.

Our music reflects who we are, warts and all.  Once upon a time, we had a rigid social fabric where there were expectations and some sense of uniformity.    Tradition was honored, not mocked.  Rules were a good thing.

I will grant that there are ways in which it was too rigid.  However, we have so removed the starch of our social fabric that there is no rigidity left.  There are no expectations of anyone, or real rules of any kind, any longer.

“If it feels good, do it”  is no longer a counter-culture mantra.  It IS the culture.  Unfortunately I think that this lack of maturity has irreversibly changed us.

Sadly, I fear that we can never expect such a self-centered, me first, instant gratification, self-important society that has almost literally no rules to regain the prominence we once had as a nation.

Can you really envision the OWS generation of today fighting WWII?

Yeah.  Me neither.

So when you pop on that all Christmas station, listen more closely.  Our Christmas music is talking to us.  It is saying more than “Merry Christmas.  Jesus is born this day.”

It is saying “What happened to you guys?  Didn’t you used to be better than all this?”

Finally, here is a little tune to remind you of a time where we had a culture with actual rules and expectations, even in when it came to art.

Merry Christmas, 2 months early.

  1. my personal least favorite is “Santa Baby” in any way shape or form. It makes me want to barf.

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