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Message To OWS: Why You Aren’t Part of the 1%

In Crazy Liberals, Politics on October 28, 2011 at 8:47 AM

Dear Occupy Wall Street:

I would like to explain to you why you are not part of the 1%.  It is not because the world, government or corporations have conspired against you.  It’s most likely your fault, with some help from mom and dad.

When you were 5 years old, you were the kid that demanded your mom or dad get you a toy at the store.  When they said no, you screamed, cried and threw a fit.  You demanded they give you what you wanted because it “wasn’t fair” if they didn’t.  Your parents probably caved.

When you were 10 years old, you were the kid on the soccer team that wanted to score goals even though you were a fullback or even the goalie.  You left your position and ran all over the field.  When the coach told you to stay in your spot and do your job, you threw a fit.  Then you whined to your parents and they probably went to the coach and yelled at him for being unfair to you.  The coach probably caved and let you do whatever you wanted to avoid being the mean guy.

When you were 14, you decided that doing homework sucked and studying for tests was boring stuff only nerds did.  You were just fine with getting C’s and D’s in school.  You made fun of kids that got A’s, called them nerds and dorks, and believed you were one of the cool kids.  Your parents were just happy that you passed with C’s and D’s.  They never demanded more from you.

When you were 16, you demanded that your parents buy you a car.  If they said no, you told them it wasn’t fair.  They had the money to pay for one, and you were entitled to a car just because you were 16.  They probably caved and bought you one.  If they didn’t, you demanded that they give you their car to use whenever you wanted.  You told them it was your “right” to use their car, since they didn’t buy you one.

Oh, and they had to give you money for gas, too.  Your money was not for that stuff.  It was for things like video games, beer and pot.

When you were 18, you graduated from high school and somehow managed to get into college someplace.  You chose your school based on important things like “great party school”, male to female ratio, warm weather, and “hotness” of coeds.

At college, you chose classes based on your party schedule.  No early morning classes if at all possible.  No late afternoon classes, either.  Nothing on Fridays.  Never a weekend class.  All that would require you not to be up until after 2 AM partying, drinking and getting high.  When you did go to class, you were hung over and not really paying attention, anyway.

You also made sure the classes you chose, and the major you pursued were not too hard.  You took the easy classes and majors like “Art History”, “Sociology” or “Political Science” so that you were pretty sure to pass and graduate.  If you were getting a bad grade in a class, you probably dropped it to prevent failing.  Then you took it again later and hoped that you could remember the answers to the tests and get a passing grade.  You probably took a lot of Pass/Fail classes, too.  No pesky grades to worry about.

You made sure to go on at least 2 spring break trips where you were drunk and/or high for a week solid.  You had lots of irresponsible “hook ups”.   If you lucky, you did not contract an STD.  If you were a girl, you were even luckier not to get pregnant.   You probably used a credit card to pay for it all, too.

When you graduated college with a degree that was largely useless, you discovered that it was hard to find a high paying job with it.  If you were and education major, and you did get a job, you joined a union full of people just like you.  Together you demanded more money and less work because it wasn’t fair that they didn’t give you more and expect less.  The school boards caved.  If they didn’t, you threw a fit just like you did when you were 5.

The people you called nerds and dorks are now rich.  They did not choose to party over studying.  They chose difficult and marketable majors while you had “fun” in college.  They worked 90 hours a week after they left school while you unionized and demanded more money for less work.  They invented things, and you just consumed things.  They took risks, while you took vacations.  They saved for their future and you spent more than you had.

So now you are upset with your position in life.  You have debt that is massive, and cannot pay for any of it.  You are angry that other people have more stuff than you, especially those nerds and dorks you mocked.  That isn’t fair.  Your entire life you have demanded, and received, whatever you thought was fair.  Now the world and life is telling you “no” and you cannot accept that.

So, now you expect to get your way, poop in public places, hate the police for killing your buzz by enforcing the law, throw hissy fits, scream and yell, and demand what is “fair” because you always know best.  Just like you did when you were five years old in the toy aisle.

Congratulations, Occupy Wall Street.  You managed to spend decades NOT growing up.  Tell me again why we should listen to you about anything?

  1. This is so much BS. Yes, there are some who made wrong choices in education and employment, And yes there are some who would like not to work hard at all.

    But judicial use of the 80-20 rule should be considered here. 80% of OWSers are pretty decent people, as are 80% of the 1%ers and CEOs. Unfortunately only 20% of politicians fall in that category, as 80% of them have their hands out for campaign bribes and 20% of the CEOs are willing to bribe. All for changes in banking and import rules that propel them to the top.

    Worse is that we have right-wingers who don’t realize that their pockets are being picked too.

    • Hi, Moneyed! You do have a point. A significant number of pols deserve to be unemployed. But we the people vote them in. I’m a right-winger that knows doggone well that the government is picking my pockets. I also know that the entire green industry (e.g. Solyndra), as well as the entire crony capitalist network (e.g. General Electric) is robbing my paycheck and my children’s future from the hand of corrupt Democrat and RINO politicians. It’s time to get the U.S. Government off of our backs. If we stop the corporate welfare and allow badly managed businesses to just fail, We would all be better off. The problem is that the Occupy crowd is part of the problem… and they are unwitting dupes of a political machine that doesn’t gave a rat’s fanny about them.

      • Michael, I’m a center-right Republican, though some call me a RINO at the moment. But I was also a pseudo Tea Party supporter, yet felt that they too were being duped. Our problem is BOTH the D’s and R’s, and the fact that they govern based on who gives them the most campaign cash. That’s not how I want my board of directors to govern.

        Jack Lohman

  2. You are right about this. 🙂

  3. When I was five, I DIDN’T demand a toy at a store. If I didn’t get what I wanted I accepted that. My parents had good reason.

    When I was 10 I wasn’t on a sports team, I didn’t care about winning or loosing in general since its JUST A GAME. Being a sore loser never gets you anywhere.

    When I was 14 I made sure my work and studying was DONE. Cause if it wasn’t there was consequences.

    When I was 16, I didn’t DEMAND a car. I NEVER wanted one at that age. I cared about a career and going to college. At that age I was thinking about my future.

    When I graduated from high school, I chose a school based on DISTANCE, PRICE, and my STUDY of interest. Partying doesn’t get you anywhere. I choose CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Not a “easy major.”

    I didn’t get to go on spring break trips. Instead I was home WORKING. So I can continue to save money and pay for my education.

    Im out of a job now and continue to look for jobs everyday. I have sent out over 100 this year. I’ve started to look further out in my state and other states just so I can go back to school and pay off my debt. Ive always had big dreams to live a decent life on my own someday or with someone else. And will continue to do so.

    Im not close to being a spoiled brat like you descried.

    So what about those that DIDN’T demand and receive? Ever think about that? Doubt it.

    • “Im (sic) not close to being a spoiled brat like you descried.”


      By associating yourself with spoiled brats demanding something that they are not in any way entitled to (i.e. redistribution of wealth, debt forgiveness, etc.), you are in fact a spoiled brat.

      I’m not sure if you have thought of this, but you are simultaneously protesting corporations and asking them employ you. Ummmm…..sounds like a temper tantrum in the toy aisle if you ask me.

      “Hire me or I am going to scream and throw a fit in front of your building until you change your mind!”

      Best of luck in job search. I would shower up, and probably not mention the time you spent protesting during the interview if I were you. Oh, and you may want to proof your written material a bit better.

      • seriously nate. she wants a job she isn’t asking for a handout. people want jobs, there are not a lot of jobs out there right now because corporations are hoarding cash.

        the occupy wall street crowd is so radical that they want a chance to have a job. they are not asking for a handout, they are asking for jobs.

        corporations lie cheat and steal the life savings of Americans and no one cares. You are more upset about people demonstrating as the first amendment allows them to.

        the greatest con ever is republican having people live paycheck to paycheck vote for policies that help millionaires and billionaires.

        nate how did she associate with spoiled brats? she just said that she worked through college, albeit not three jobs like paul ryan did, and just wants a chance at work.

      • “corporations lie cheat and steal the life savings of Americans”

        Ummm….hate to break it to you, but the life savings of Americans are created by wages from and invested in corporations, so without corporations there would be no life savings to supposedly “steal”. Even if the money came from your own business, it is from a corporation (just one that you own). Corporations are nothing more than collections of people, and as such some are dumber and more poorly behaved (OWS) than others (Tea Party).

        Corporations are not the problem. The problem is an entire generation that is convinced that just going to college entitles them to a job for life instantly upon graduation. This entitled attitude is what I refer to (in part) as spoiled brats acting out.

        No one is entitled to anything, least of all a job. Life is NOT fair. Anyone that told you it was, or could be, is lying to you. Life sometimes sucks, and it isn’t particularly fair when it does. Deal with it.

        Grow up and quit your whining. There are literally a million Meghan’s out there. Are we going to have to listen to every one of them whine about the hard things they each face in their lives? Maybe they should go see what an 18 year old in, say, Bangladesh lives like and then ask them if they still what to whine.

        We went from a nation of John Wayne’s to a nation of Woody Allen’s crying over every challenge put before us.

      • Wow Nate. Spoken just like someone who has a job (for the moment) and health care.

  4. […] Source: Message To OWS: Why You Aren’t Part of the 1% « The Dinner Table […]

    • @ Nate thank you for proving my point. Because the problem in the economy right now is people who want to work. Because nothing screams entitlement more than people who want to WORK.

      Since you mentioned John Wayne here is a classic quote from the Duke.

      George Washington McLintock: Gave? Boy, you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t give jobs I hire men.
      Drago: You intend to give this man a full day’s work, don’tcha boy?
      Devlin Warren: You mean you’re still hirin’ me? Well, yes, sir, I certainly deliver a fair day’s work.
      George Washington McLintock: And for that I’ll pay you a fair day’s wage. You won’t give me anything and I won’t give you anything. We both hold up our heads. Is that your plug?
      Devlin Warren: Yes sir.

      That is how it should work. Corporations pay you a fair wage and you give them a fair day’s work.

      Have fun when you are in the situation retirees are in now, you WORKED your whole life and saved, but now thanks to a crisis caused by Wall Street, Interest Rates are near all time lows and the stock market is crazy volatile, you need to make money to live off of and your Social Security that you PAID into your whole life is maybe $500 a month less after Medicare. How do you live?

      Keep believing you are right and that Corporations will do right by you.

      I’m glad you decided OWS protesters are inherently more stupid than tea partiers. Because defaulting on our debt would be great, and raising the debt ceiling was the craziest thing ever.

      Thank you for your meaningless cliches, no one is expecting that life is fair. The United States was once like Bangladesh until people got fed up and sick of being taken advantage of and some people organized together and decided to strike for better rights and wages they could live on. But they are the enemy. We all need to live in company towns work 16 hours a day 6 days a week with no benefits at all. Lets go back to that system.

      George Washington McLintock: Well, hop on him and we’ll go get your gear.

      • I hate to break this to you, but GW McLintock owned the entire county. He was the 1%. Furthermore, McLintock did not offer health insurance, dental, vision, disability or retirement plans. As for a “fair wage”, even in McLintock’s time that meant that you earned what you were worth on the open market. Now people like you demand that you be worth what ever YOU think you are worth, market be damned. Sorry Charlie, it don’t work that way. It never has, and it never will.

        Oh, by the way, in McLintock’s time, there was no “retirement”. “Retirement” was also referred to as death, since you worked until you died.

        You just don’t get it, do you? You live in the most blessed nation in the history of man. We have so much wealth that even the common man “retires”. The common man owns property. The common man can become wealthy based on his own industry and initiative. McLintock would think that set up was just crazy.

      • I am not demanding to be paid more. if I do a bad job I should be fired. I am not saying I am entitled to a job. I know mcclintock was the 1%. if I do good work I could get a raise it a bonus.

        did I say one bad word about the united states? maybe the reason people retire is because they have health insurance and work less.

        thanks for more cliches about the market. because ceos who took stupid risks and had their bets blow up are worth millions.

        the only industry in America know is the financial one. everything is securitized even human life.

        executives take life insurance out on employees to fund their executive pension plans at the same time cutting retirement plans for the common man.

        I am not against capitalism or innovation or rich people .

        all I am saying is that SOME corporations have lied and cheated.

      • Unfortunately, lies and cheats have always and will always exist. I do not deny that capitalism is vulnerable to bad actors.

        However, capitalism is designed to punnish bad actors by putting them out of business. We didn’t allow that to occur and bailed out companies, subsidizing bad behavior. It was the current occupant of the White House, along with the previous one, that signed off on that plan. Your beef is ultimately with them, not the CEO’s, corporations or capitalism.

        That is NOT what the OWS crowd’s message is. They are (largely) left wing socailists looking for MORE government involvment in the economy, not less. They want more TARP, more bailouts, more subsidies. They want those for EVERYONE now.

        Bail out my mortgage. Forgive my debt. Give me more free money!

        People underwater in their home are no different that the CEO who lost millions. They both made bad choices. Neither should be bailed out by those who didn’t.

        People with massive student loan debts are no different that banks with massive bad debts. Both made bad lending/borrowing decisions. Neither should be protected from their own bad decisions. If you borrowed $50,000 for college and got a degree in Art, why is that my problem?

        OWS is filled with a bunch of people that want something for nothing. They want to take from others and give to themselves, with the governemnt as the agent of their theft. Not only is this unworkable and self destructive, it is immoral.

      • Why are they spending over a month sitting in a park if they want a job? Wouldn’t the better option to be hitting the pavement in search of one?

      • Yea, like, there are plenty of jobs out there and they should just smile while the 1%ers are picking their families’ pocket and taking food off their table!

        I’m not an occupier but I’m damned glad we got them.

      • No one is picking anyone’s pocket, and I am not sure how you get to that idea.

        Was Steve Job’s picking people’s pockets when he made his billions? Are you suggesting that he was doing something immoral when he invented the iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac? Did he steal money from people and leave them with those items like a perverse Santa Claus?

        Did Bill Gates do the same thing? How about nearly all the rest of the names and people you have never heard of in the 1%?

        If they broke the law, as in the case of Bernie Madoff, they should be punished. On this all of us can agree.

        In the case of Wall Street (which is not a single minded entity, but a collection of individuals), you cannot make it (or them) the villain. They are the people investing pension funds and growing the account, allowing retired steel workers to continue to get pension payments.

        They are the people buying IPO’s in start ups that allow new companies and industries to be created. Many times they are the people that lose a LOT of money doing just that. Most new businesses fail, after all. But those that succeed (like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and even in the past Ford, GM and Chrysler) create tremendous wealth for not just the investors who bought IPO’s, but for the millions of people they necessarily employ to produce their products and/or services.

        They are also the people that pay almost all of the income taxes the US Government collects. The top 1% pay more than 30% of income taxes alone. The top 10% pay 70% or more of all income taxes. These are incontrovertible facts directly from the IRS itself.

        I get it. You need for there to be a villain. You need the guy in the black hat to blame for anything and everything that you see that is bad. Housing crash? Wall Street / 1% did it. Unemployment? Wall Street / 1% did it. Shrinking economy? Wall Street / 1% did it.

        Do you even stop to think how illogical your premise is? First you must assume that ALL of Wall Street works in lock step and uniformly. It obviously does no such thing, or there would be no sellers for buyers, no one shorting a stock while others go long.

        Next you must assume that Wall Street WANTS all these bad things to happen. They want high unemployment, poor housing values, and a shrinking economy. All of those things HURT them probably more than you. They only make money when most of those things are NOT happening. The 1% cannot get richer if the economy sucks. In fact, they get poorer too, sometimes faster than the 99% do. If the economy crashes, how many iPods will Apple sell?

        Can’t you see that THERE IS NO VILLIAN. Life is neither fair nor is it so simple. There is no man behind the curtain making you lose money or your job. It is a complex inter-related series of events that are all independent. Only after the fact can you trace back what caused something to occur.

        Take housing.

        The US government required banks to issue home loans to under qualified borrowers for purely political purposes (Community Reinvestment Act). Banks HAD to comply or face regulatory fines. So they issued what came to be call sub-prime loans (sub-prime refers to the quality of the borrower, not the rate of interest). These loans were by definition high risk, low reward. Interest rates were not allowed to be adjusted up to allow for the higher risk (called default potential premium).

        The US government knew this and guaranteed all these loans via Fanny and Freddie. Once that happened, the loans were now considered “securities” and fully backed like a US savings bond. Then the banks realized that they could sell these loans (fully guaranteed by the US government and taxpayers) to make money, just like a bond trader does. That only encouraged more and more risky loans to be issued, bundled and sold.

        That made housing prices soar, as demand went through the roof. EVERYONE was qualified to buy a house now. Eventually it HAD to fail, though. There was not enough money in Fanny and Freddie to cover the defaults, and the defaults kept going up. The whole house of cards came crashing down, making banks holding these supposed guaranteed loans left with what became worthless paper.

        That tanked the economy.

        If you want to find the guy in the black hat, figure out who had the brilliant idea to make banks make loans to bad risks, and then promised them the loans were fully backed. There is your villain, and they do not live on Wall Street.

        They live a bit further south on the Potomac River, and while some are members of both political parties, most are on the left. They tried to socialize home ownership, and when it imploded, they blamed the people they forced to do their bidding.

        The OWS people may have a point in some respects (although very few know why they are even there), but their ire is directed at the wrong party. It wasn’t and isn’t the 1% or Wall Street who pulled off this scheme. It was the politicians most of THEM support (i.e. Barney Frank, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama).

  5. Oh puleeze, don’t be so naive. Read my first post. Understand the 80-20 rule. Apply it. Understand who put forth the bill to repeal the Glass-Stegall banking regulations, and who paid off the politicians to support it. Understand, and quit being so blindly partisan.

    • The repeal of Glass-Stegall was only one small part of the problem. It was passed in the GOP controlled congress, and signed by President Clinton.

      In isolation, the repeal was not problematic. However, when combined with the Community Reinvestment Act (started by Carter, expanded by Clinton), it was bad. It was made even worse by the addition of the post Enron mark to market requirements (another Clinton administration screw up).

      All 3 created a glut of new lenders, most of whom were subject to CRA provisions (encouraging more sub prime lending) and when that paper began to lose value, made otherwise solven institutions suddenly insolvent over night thanks to Mark to Market. Remove Mark to Market, and there was no need to apply TARP (or at least as much of TARP). Remove CRA and no or little sub prime lending would occur. Restore Glass-Stegall and the number of loans is reduced.

      But I ask you this: Who did ALL of these things? Wall Street? The top 1%? Nope, it was the US government. In some cases it was at the request of parties like Wall Street (Glass-Stegall), and in others it was pure crass politics (Enron Mark to Market and CRA) looking to buy the votes of certain groups with pandering legislation. In the end, though, it was people like Barney Frank who are not even qualified to run a lemonade stand that are making all the rules.

      This is why government needs to be removed from the economic equation. If politicians were qualified to run a business, they would do so. They aren’t, which is why they are in politics. Returning to Constitutional restrictions on the power of government would neuter these idiots and prevent future disasters from occurring.

      But I would be willing to bet a large sum of money that not even .001% of the people in OWS know what Glass-Stegall was/is, what Mark to Market means, or what the CRA was/is. They certainly cannot understand how the confluence of these things resulted in an economic disaster that was entirely (government) man made. They (OWS) are useful tools of the people who DID do all those things. People like the heads of unions seeking more personal power (i.e. SEIU), politicians looking to pander for votes with more give aways (DNC), and people seeking to destroy capitalism itself (George Soros, et. al.).

      The fact you throw in with them means to me 1 of 2 things. You support the motives of any or all of these 3 groups (and based on your one man crusade for socialized medicine, perhaps you do), or you are willfully ignorant of these motives and just like to “rich bash” because it suits your own goals.

      Neither is admirable, nor intellectually honest. You seek to blame the carpenter for the design flaws of the architect.

      • Great post Nate. The Government and the policy of this administration especially have led to the continued misery of the un-employed. MP wants to blame the CEO’s and not the policy makers in Washington. Here is a novel idea, let the WORKING MIDDLE CLASS keep more of their money instead of pissing it away through the vehicle of a liberal adminsitration. Give me more of my money back and I will stimulate the economy. Who can blame the corporations who don’t want to hire a bunch of employees with out knowing what that future cost is, given the track record with this adminstration in charge. As a matter of fact, I am doing the same thing in my household, I am not spending money on any major purcahses or investments till this President is out, or makes some changes that actually stimulate something more than the bridge builders, or outfits like Solyndra. Get government out of my pocket and I can do a hell of a better job given away my money to stimulation and charities than any thing this White House can do!

      • make sure you don’t buy a fridge while obama is in office it will start on fire and turn your children socialist. don’t put money in an ira obama will steal it.

        geniuses like you who don’t spend money because of some fear will fail all the time. you take two stances at the same time that can’t make sense.

        you want money to spend, yet you have money and you aren’t investing or making major purchases.

        ding ding ding, that is what happens when tax cuts go through you save the money or pay down existing debt typically.

        what has a bridge builder ever done?? computers and other things weren’t subsidized by the federal government?

        corporations have more cash on their balance sheets than ever before and they are sitting on it. Obama is not going to hurt corporations he is their friend. He bailed them out and hasn’t raised taxes on them.

        That is why we are in this economy right now.

        For all of those who complain about food stamps and other “entitlement” programs look at the facts.

        food stamps, child tax credits etc have a positive gdp multiplier and your beloved tax cuts have a negative gdp multiplier. hmmm that will really fix the economy.

  6. @nate You really don’t understand wall street if you think they care about IPO’s or managing a pension fund for retired steel workers. They care only about money. Buying IPO’s means they give shares of Groupon to their preffered customers for $20 a share and let them sell at $28 for cool gain.

    Goldman and everyone else trades for their own account now. Almost as bad as the Glass-Steagall repeal was Wall Street firms going public and not staying partnerships. The goldman under Sidney Weinberg never would have done the Abacus deal or needed a government bailout to stay afloat. Finance and Wall Street used to have to report to a client and have to do the best job for their CLIENT, now they only care about making money for themselves.

    The other issue is bad actors aren’t getting punished, the lesson I have taken away is that I can run a predatory business ruin peoples lives and credit and walk away with millions.

    Also, in regards to the loans they were forced to make, over 80% were refinancing and not even new mortgages. You act like they were forced to when they loved making subprime loans and if the economy hadn’t crashed they still would be making subprime loans. It was a money pinata for them. Give them a two year teaser rate make them pay penalties when they refinance before three years and walk away with the fees.

    There are many books out there that explain the mortgage crisis. Companies loved subprime mortgages, they were hardly forced upon them. When cities live Cleveland tried to protect their citizens by limiting the mortgage types to more conventional ones corporations went to their regulator and asked them to create a new rule and overrule cities attempts to protect their citizens from corporations.


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