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The Truth About the Top 1% Occupiers Don’t Want You to Know

In Crazy Liberals, Economics, George Soros on October 27, 2011 at 12:34 PM

The Occupy {Fill In The Blank} “movement” bills itself as the representation of the 99% of the US population (based on wealth), and as such they have been railing against the 1%.  They have portrayed the 1% as villains and scoundrels, who have abused the “poor, little people”.

This message is the only proof you need that these smelly people in tents (who are by the way breaking the law) occupying public spaces are about as smart as the boxes of rocks they have stashed for the inevitable riots.

They obviously know almost NOTHING about the 1% they hate.  Allow me to elaborate.

According to Forbes, the list of the 10 richest Americans is as follows:

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Warren Buffett
  3. Larry Ellison
  4. Charles Koch
  5. David Koch
  6. Christy Walton
  7. George Soros
  8. Sheldon Adelson
  9. Jim Walton
  10. Alice Walton

What does every single person outside of the Walton family have in common (besides wealth)?  None of them, NONE OF THEM, were born into great wealth.

Bill Gates was raised in a middle class home.

Larry Ellison was born to a 19-year-old single mother.

The Koch brothers were grandsons of immigrants and of a lower middle class family.

Warren Buffet’s father was a stockbroker and Congressman, however he was not born into a wealthy family.

George Soros was raised in WWII Europe in an agnostic Jewish household that survived Nazi Germany and was by all accounts lower class.

Sheldon Adelson was the son of a cab driver and grew up in lower class Boston.

The Waltons on this list were certainly made wealthy through inheritance, however if you go back just one generation, the Walton family story is very much the same as the others on this list.  Sam Walton was the son of a farmer and Oklahoma.  They were (literally) dirt poor.

So the entire list of the 10 wealthiest people in the United States is comprised of people who did not start out that way, or are the sons and daughters of people who did not start that way.  The top 1% mostly COMES FROM THE 99%!!!!

The greatest testament to the American ideal, and the one thing that makes the United States unique in all of recorded history, is the fact that many of the wealthiest among us did not start out that way.  In fact, none of the top 10 is a legacy family from more than 3 generations past.  Not one Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Ford on that list.  Not a single one.

The US has no nobility.  Wealth comes and goes, and many wealthy families and individuals have lost it all (see:  Basketball players, NBA).  Others have risen to wealth from the most humble of origins.

The American dream is that regardless of circumstances of birth, any one of us can rise to what ever level that we are able and choose to achieve.  For many it success is  measured in wealth, but for others it is measured in other ways.  We all make choices, and use our God-given gifts in different ways.

It is not the fault of the top 1% that another person made different, or in many cases poor, choices that result in an inability to reach one’s dreams or amass wealth.

The Occupy Wall Street brigades seem to be comprised of people who have made poor, or at the very least non-materialistic, choices in their lives.   These occupiers seek to be compensated for those choices by stealing from those who chose to pursue wealth as the measure of their success.

Somewhere in Hell, Karl Marx is certainly smiling.

  1. You make a solid point! Have you went down and talked to the OWS people? I’m thinking of going to a few of the larger gatherings and polling them to figure out who they are instead of just guessing or talking peoples word for who they are…

  2. The problem with this picture is that you are basically proving yourself wrong by what you are trying to say: the message here isn’t that the people of #ows don’t want to work hard and earn a honest living, they just want to be able to do that at a fair wage. It’s all about GREED. All of these people have more than enough than they will ever need for many, many lifetimes. No one is asking for a HANDOUT from anyone. I hate that f****** filth of an idea. There are people working 3 jobs barely making ends meet. Not to mention those who simply cannot find employment. You don’t think that cutbacks and hiring freezes are a direct result of corporate greed??? When will enough be enough??? Ask anyone… We do not live in the same USA that we did even fifteen years ago. The opportunities we used to have don’t exist so freely anymore. And don’t even get me started on our filthy government. Over the past 50 years, taxes have hiked for the individual, yet significantly lowered for corporations. All I am asking for is to live in a country that has values. A country that does not make a mockery of those who are giving their lives to preserve ours.

  3. Please do your research. The Koch Brothers were not poor, and actually came from well-to-do families that profited off the deaths of Jews during the Holocaust: one was a very famous Nazi war criminal. They have and continue to profit off the deaths of others with their products and practices: it’s a family tradition.

    • Sorry, soloride, that is just another in a long line of conspiracy theorist arguments that hold no water. It ranks right up there with “The Bush family supported the Nazi’s” and “H.W. Bush flew in a SR-71 to negotiate with the Iranians”.

      Sorry. Those types of fantasy tales have no place here.

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