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Open Letter to the Brewers and Mark Attanasio

In Milwaukee Brewers, Sports, Uncategorized on October 17, 2011 at 12:21 PM

To all the Brewers players, coaches, staff and owner Mark Attanasio:

I want to say how profoundly thankful I am to you all for a fantastic season of championship level baseball.

You took us all on a ride that we have waited so long to take, and we all enjoyed the experience.  You played the game the right way, had fun, and most of all represented your fans and city very well.  You have earned our gratitude and respect in the process.

As the off-season now starts, allow me to offer my (admittedly arm-chair fan) suggestions for next season:

* -Sign Prince Fielder and match any offer on the table to do so.  Prince’s bat in the lineup is essential to continued championship level performance, and his presence in the clubhouse is equally necessary to the team’s success.

* – Sign Jose Reyes and place him in the lead off spot in the lineup.  Jose brings stellar defense in the infield, and is one of the best leadoff hitters in all of baseball.  He will be the table setter for Braun and Fielder, and put constant pressure on the opposing teams pitchers.

* – As soon as the signings are official, announce that the Brewers will be raising ticket prices on all seats by $5 – $10 per ticket, and explain that this money is being directly used to off-set Prince’s contract, and the other signings.  Milwaukee Brewers fans are ready to do our part to build a winner.  I firmly believe that we in the fan base will step up and continue to buy tickets knowing that we are helping directly to build a perennial contender.

3 million fans putting forward another $5 – $10 each will allow the Brewers to spend $15 – $30 million more per season on players with little bottom line change.  That more than covers Prince’s pay increase, and the other signings that should be made.

* – Find a fifth starter, either in the organization or on the free agent market.  Shaun Marcum is on the decline (as much as I hate saying that).  I love his guts and he gave us all he had this season, but he at the “Jeff Suppan” point of his career.  He may still have value as a long reliever, or some trade value for a prospect or 2.

The rotation of Gallardo, Greinke, Wolf, Narveson and TBD would be just as good, if not better than this seasons pitching staff.

* – Make sure you keep the strength of the bullpen.  Saito looked dominating and younger than his years this post season, and Hawkins can slide up to fill the 7th inning slot while Saito takes the 8th from the departing K-Rod.

With these few moves, and possibly some lineup tweaks (start Gomez every day, move T-Plush to RF, look at Hairston at 3B for now, etc.), the Brewers will be playing more relevant October baseball in 12 months.

We, the fans, are ready to do our part.  We will buy tickets, even at a (slightly) higher price, if it means championship level teams as often as possible.  Have faith in us to pull our weight.  We want to win, too!

Thank you again for so much excitement and passion this season.  For the first time in a very long time October was more than just Packer Sundays.

You are champions, and we thank you.


A Devoted Fan


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