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What Did FLOTUS Say on 9/11/11?

In 2012 Elections, Barack Obama, Fox News, Politics, Tea Party on September 15, 2011 at 6:00 AM

There is a bit of a kerfuffle beginning to rise in the blogosphere over a comment made by First Lady Michelle Obama on the stage during the closing moments of the flag presentation and national anthem.

The flag was no “ordinary” flag.  It flew atop a building near Ground Zero and was recovered and mended by citizens of all 50 states.  It stands as a reminder of the healing and unity we shared as a nation immediately following that day.  (Scott Walker and George W. Bush were not yet the focus of evil in the universe at that time, therefore unity was still possible, I guess.)

A video clip shows FLOTUS lean into POTUS and make a remark as the final folds of the flag were being made.

Many people are claiming that FLOTUS makes a disparaging remark, ranging from “All that for a flag” to versions of that same statement with added “colorful” language. (1 of Carlin’s 7 words, actually.)

I have looked at this video 3 dozen times or more, and while I admit I am no professional lip reader, I think I know what she likely said that day.

IMO, she says “The way they fold that flag.”  Nothing before the “the”, no expletives and no disrespect at all.  The facial expression seems to say to me “Wow, I am overwhelmed and emotional.  So moved.  Can’t even believe it.”  You could put the thought bubble containing “I just can’t believe it” over her head and would fit perfectly.

(Cue the accusations of me being an Obama-bot, sell out, and all the rest.)

This blog was, is and always will be about honest reactions to the issues of the day, regardless of the consequences.  Politically, I would thoroughly enjoy watching the White House squirm after a gaffe of galactic proportions, but that just isn’t what I see here.

She has the same look on her face (specifically her eyes) throughout the clip.  They do not narrow.  The head shake is one of disbelief, not disapproval.

I know what a woman looks like when she disapproves (I have a wife, mother, and 2 daughters), and this wasn’t it.

Michelle and Barack may in fact be socialists, radicals, and globalists, but no one can convince me that they are 1) this stupid and 2) this callous.

That moment was the most moving of the ceremony for many.  The choral rendition of the national anthem, and the presentation of the flag touch a raw nerve.  FLOTUS looks just as moved as anyone would be at that moment in time.

Have so many on the right forgotten how silly we thought the left was when they would over blow, hyperventilate and outright make up stuff about GW Bush?  We need to be careful that we do not become that which we despise.

Sorry blogosphere, there is nothing to see here.  Move along.

(Don’t get me started on the Mussolini-esqe posing of POTUS at all these events.  That is a totally different story!)

  1. Sorry, Nathan, the negative head shake and slight frown immediately following her whispered comment, along with his seemingly humored acknowledgment tell me that her comment was neither patriotic nor moved by the moment. Still, I couldn’t begin to assume I can figure out her words, so I won’t try.

    Suffice it to say that even presidents and first ladies deserve their private exchanges without the world – opponents, supporters or mere observers – editorializing with assurance about their possible words or meanings. We already have WAYYYY too much of that.

    I agree with you that, without an accurate and non-politicized transcript – which is unlikely to be forthcoming – this is NOT a newsworthy moment and I wholeheartedly agree with your clever “there’s nothing to see here, just move on” summary.


  2. I am Christian, very conservative, anti-Obama, and pro-America / pro-Military / pro-get the O’s the heck out of the WH … and I see her commenting with awe, not disgust in any way. She murmers approvingly about something and her husband nods. They are not the most USA-loving or patriotic folks, but they look to me to be moved by the ceremony and gravity of this day.

    God bless.

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