Nathan Sass

Wisconsin is not Egypt, it’s Libya

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2011 at 10:03 AM

Leftists, union leaders and the main stream media have tried for weeks to compare the events unfolding in Wisconsin regarding the Budget Repair Bill to the protests in Egypt.

Right region, wrong country.

The better analogy for Wisconsin is Libya, not Egypt.  Wisconsin’s “Egypt moment” happened in November and was far less traumatic and went largely unnoticed.

Egypt was an uprising of the population tired of those in the powerful elite keeping for themselves the money and power, while they struggled to survive.  In Wisconsin, the population rose up on November 2, 2010 and said “no more” to the powerful few that held the reins of power in the state and used that power to make their friends rich, fat and happy.

Public sector unions, like the minions of the middle east regimes, placed their money and power behind politicians who returned the favor with ever more lavish rewards.  The taxpayers were left to hold the bag, and pay the bills.

In Libya today, the once all powerful leader and his minions are fighting a losing battle against the people they have abused for decades.  We see ever more desperate attempts to crush the revolt, and leaders literally in hiding.  Sound familiar?

Just like in Libya, the conflict rages around the population’s unwillingness to allow a privileged few to abuse them, taking for themselves whatever they want and leaving the rest of the population with whatever is left over.

The Fugitive 14 in hiding in IL are behaving exactly like Muammar Gaddafi.  They are lobbing bombs at those that seek to take power from them, and hiding from the public they claim they have the sovereign God given right to lead and control.

The unions and their largely brainwashed members are the Libyan military in this analogy.  They are lashing out, doing anything they can and using every weapon in their arsenal to put down the resistance. 

I don’t blame the members, by the way.   Like any good military style unit, the ranks do not think for themselves, they just follow orders and do as they are told.  Unions and armies cannot survive without having a membership conditioned to stop thinking as individuals.  Hopefully some of them will begin to do so, and you will see changes from within.

Oh, the leftists rage about “rights” and “fairness”, but to most of the rest of us their moralistic claims are hollow and meaningless.  They have lived lives free from the fear of layoffs, retirement financing, or insurance premiums.   They have sought and received one raise in wages and benefits after another, even in the worst economy in a generation.  Even in 2009 in the midst of the current recession they took no cuts at all in compensation or jobs while the people that pay the bills lost their jobs and took pay cuts.

The union bosses see what is happening, just like Muammar Gaddafi does.  Their unchecked and total control over the political landscape, and along with it their ability to determine for themselves what “fair pay” is, is evaporating before their eyes.

It’s no wonder then that while the faces are different, and the retaliation methods differ by several degrees, the underlying thinking in Libya and Wisconsin is exactly the same.

Anytime you take power away from a group that believes it is entitled to it, they will lash out at those who dare to try to do so.  Take a toy from a child, or power from a union, and the result is always a violent temper tantrum.

Congratulations Wisconsin.  You accomplished what the Libyan people are similarly seeking.  You deposed the dictators in the union, and taken back the power that the tax payers rightly deserve. 

While they will be battles to fight,  just  like in Libya, the outcome has already been determined.  The oppression of the few in the public sector over the many is over, and it is long overdue.


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