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Walker Wins the Prank Call Skirmish

In Crazy Liberals, Scott Walker, WI Budget Battle on February 24, 2011 at 10:48 AM

The big story in the Wisconsin Budget Battle yesterday was the “prank call” perpetrated on Governor Scott Walker by a leftist blogger purporting to be conservative activist and billionaire David Koch.

The left has been hyperventilating about the Walker – Koch relationship since the before the elections of 2010, and pointing out that Koch and his family donated heavily to the Walker campaign.  Factually, the donation references are accurate, but the left has made the accusations that Walker is under the control of the Koch brothers and is doing their bidding.

Thanks to a lefty blogger, who didn’t apparently think through what he was doing, we know that the lefts accusation have almost no validity.  While they use the call as evidence that Walker is at the beck and call of the Koch brothers, they and the media, both new and old, are entirely missing the point proven by the call.

Walker barley has a personal relationship with the Koch brothers, or at least David Koch and cannot be shown to be giving any preferential treatment to them.

The left’s entire argument rests on the fact that the call was put through because the name “Koch” elicits special treatment.  Well, that is true, and not exactly a shocking development.  The names “Limbaugh”, “Belling”, “McKenna”, “Sykes” and many others would receive the same treatment if they had been used.  This alone proves nothing except that Koch is a well known name in conservative circles, as the other names I listed are, especially in Wisconsin politics.

What is telling, and completely destroys the entire case of the left, is that the call lasted 10 minutes and they “fooled” Walker into thinking that David Koch was on the other end.  Maybe I am the only person on the planet to realize this, but if Walker was so in debt to and owned by the Koch brothers, would you not expect him to recognize the voice of his supposed master?

Walker clearly did not know that he was not speaking to Koch, as the tenor and duration of the call clearly shows.  He also repeated, almost verbatim, everything he has said in public, and revealing nothing that would be damaging.  Wisconsin can know that even in private with key supporters, Walker says the same things he does in public.

Sorry, Buffalo Bill the Blogger, you actually proved that Walker is squeaky clean where the Koch brothers are concerned, and honest as the day is long.  Thanks buddy.  I could not have asked for any more from you.

Special access for powerful people is nothing new in politics.  Just recently we have seen reports that AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka has met with President Obama in the White House more often than most of the president’s own cabinet has.  In fact, I think Trumpka has started getting mail delivered at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We also know that George Soros had the coffin he sleeps in moved to the basement below the West Wing, and after sunset he rises up and roams the halls of the White House seeking unsuspecting taxpayers to suck dry.

Neither of these revelations are surprising in the least, nor is Walker’s accepting the call from David Koch.

But does anyone honestly believe that if Obama was on the end of a phone call with someone pretending to be Soros or Trumpka, he would not recognize that the voice was wrong and hang up?

Walker clearly had no idea that Koch was not who he was speaking to, and that speaks volumes.  He obviously has not spent enough time with David Koch to recognize his voice.  It seems unbelievable to me that someone he knows so little would be his puppet master.

Once again, the left displays an uttrer inability to think logically to conclusion, and impose their heart felt desires even in the face of facts that show otherwise.  Walker once again handed them a stinging defeat, and this time he didn’t even know he was doing it.

It just seems like the left cannot get out of their own way.

Thanks Buffalo Bill.

  1. Bless you for taking the time to explain the terminlogy to the newbies!

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