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Milwaukee’s Jay Weber All Wet on Palin 2012

In 2012 Elections, Barack Obama, Politics, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin on November 23, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Local Milwaukee morning conservative talker Jay Weber had a segment this morning on the viability of Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee in 2012.  He took a few calls from listeners, and ended the segment with his own take.

I think he, and his callers, totally missed the bigger picture about the 2012 race for the White House.

Just about every caller to Webber’s show said something to the effect of “I like/love Sarah Palin, but….”.  What followed the ‘but’ in the calls varied slightly, but few if any said outright that they did not like her.  There are a few very important things that I think Weber and his callers missed.

The reservations ranged from “I like what she’s doing now” to “she isn’t serious enough” to “she’s too ‘tabloided’ up now”.  What no one said is that she is wrong on the issues or not a true conservative.  For GOP voters, this is the most essential characteristic in a candidate, but is being marginalized by the likes of Weber and his callers.

As for the negatives, those who say they want her to keep doing what she is doing today, I would suppose that refers to her leadership on issues as the most listened to conservative voice today.  I wonder how being the GOP candidate makes her less effective in that role?  The truth is it doesn’t, and her work to this point makes her a more formidable candidate.

The “lack of seriousness” charge is equally baffling.  Palin is not the run of the mill political figure, which is her strength and not a weakness.  Watching her do things that ‘regular people’ do such as fishing and taking road trips only enhances her appeal in the age of the Tea Party voter.  I think America longs for a candidate who is not a Harvard ‘educated’ elitist, and Palin is certainly not that.

As for the tabloid exposure, again I think that misses the point.  People in tabloids are usually put there because they are popular and people want to know all about them.  Palin’s name on the cover of a magazine, or on a TV show, draws attention.  This is an example of her mass appeal that rivals the current leader of the free world, and outstrips any possible GOP rival by light years.

A Quinnipiac poll released today shows Palin leading the field for the GOP nomination.   Her rivals are a who’s who list of RINO’s and “who’s that’s” in the GOP.  Mike Huckabee, the GOP’s Jenny Craig, is no conservative.  Neither is Mitt Romney, the poster child of big government RINO’s, and father of Obamacare in MA.  The rest of the candidates are not exactly household names.

What is even more interesting to me in looking at the poll results from Quinnipiac is the race against Obama.  Palin trails currently 48 – 40 among registered voters.  That last part is important, as registered voter polls are usually more favorable to Democrats than likely voter polls and especially actual election results.

Looking again at that poll result, the sitting President of the United States, a Democrat elected by a substantial margin 2 years ago, cannot poll for re-election at over 50% in a ‘registered voters’ poll?  That should set off alarms all over the West Wing, and makes the 12 point gap a bit less daunting.

Palin has not yet done any real campaign work, and gets 40% despite over 2 years of relentless negative press from the MSM and ridicule from the media, popular culture, and even some in the GOP.  That is an impressive feat to me, but Weber and his callers actually allow themselves to be influenced against her by that very coverage, despite their desire to support her.

Weber closed the segment by saying he likes Palin and believe she is a better candidate than Romney and Huckabee and would trust her as president.  He is hoping, however, that a “better candidate” comes along that is just as conservative and more electable.  By better candidate I am forced to wonder if he means a candidate he doesn’t have to worry about getting made fun of for supporting.

Everyone on the right seems to agree she is a true conservative, and would make a fine president, but they restrain themselves from outright support.  Do these people forget how elections work?  In November 2012, there will not be a slate of 14 candidates to choose from.

At that time it will be Obama vs. Palin.  By then she will have campaigned for almost 2 years, proven to the public that she is both serious and smart, destroyed the mythology about her that the popular culture has erected, and be seen as a legitimate and viable candidate.  Her negatives now will be a thing of history, just like they were with Reagan 30 years  before.

In a one on one matchup, Obama cannot compete with Palin on the personal likability front, and will struggle to keep pace on the issues.  Had Obama been forced to campaign on a record in 2008, he would have lost to McCain.  He ran on platitudes and empty rhetoric, which will not work a second time.

Let’s not forget that the “unelectable” Palin was probably the only thing that prevented McCain from utter humiliation in 2008, and was probably more popular than the top of the ticket, especially in “swing” states like WI, FL and OH.  That should tell everyone something important.

Finally there is this little bit to consider.  We have yet to even see the worst of the Obama policy’s effect on the economy.  Inflation is coming in a big way, and there will likely be no real job growth (stagflation anyone?).  Taxes will go up, and there will not be any real improvement in leadership from the Oval Office on foreign policy.  Obama will continue to govern to the left of Mao, and will continue to see his popularity slide.

This is the man who Palin, the consummate optimist, will be running against.  The perfect storm is brewing for her, and she will most certainly capitalize on it.  It will be morning again in America.


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