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Socialism – Satan’s Economic Model

In Economics, Satan, Theology on November 22, 2010 at 5:00 AM

To the “enlightened” left, socialism is considered not only a viable economic model, but one that produces ultimately a society with abundance for all and poverty for none.  A short read through the pages of history finds that belief to be founded on absolutely zero evidence.  In truth, everywhere socialism has been attempted, it has failed to improve the lives of anyone, except those in power.

Why does such a system always seem to fail?  I think the answer may be pretty simple.  Socialism is evil and by it’s very nature subverts the laws of God.

Even the least religious among us know of the 10 Commandments, and most people can recite a few off the tops of their head.  (Thou shall not kill.  Thou shall not steal.  etc.)

But in my opinion, the commandment with the most to teach us as it relates to our dealings with each other is the 10th Commandment, and it’s pretty much overlooked by most people. 

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Exodus 20:17 

Violating the 10th Commandment leads to the violations of all the other commandments related to man’s treatment of man that come before it.  Coveting leads to stealing, or adultery, lies about your actions and in extreme cases murder of the one from whom you covet.

Since ‘covet’ isn’t a word that is in common usage today, re-read the quote above and replace with the word ‘desire’.  The 10th Commandment is a prohibition on us from desiring anything that does not belong to us.

Socialism, as an economic and political model, is based on exactly that sinful desire.  The operating premise of socialism is that the ‘working class’ is  oppressed based on the material possessions they have in relation to the ‘middle’ and ‘upper’ classes.  Those who advocate socialism rely on this disparity, and the associated desires it creates, to obtain power with a promise to equalize the distribution of the “stuff”.

In short, socialism would not exist without the coveting of your neighbor’s ox, donkey, house, or money.

Socialism is not Godly and fails because it violates the 10th and therefore 8th Commandments  (Thou shall not steal).  It requires coveting that which is not yours, and then the confiscation of that which you covet (stealing) by an agent on your behalf in order that it may be ‘redistributed’ to suit your personal perception of ‘fairness’.

Using the government as the agent of theft for purposes of redistribution does not make the actions any less immoral.  In fact, government compelled wealth redistribution is to stealing as murder for hire is to killing.  Making Uncle Sam into the economic hit man does not absolve those who advocate such policies.

God created man to have free will in all things, even including the free will to reject Him.  Anything that violates this most basic premise is against the will of God, and as such is doomed to failure.   The founding fathers understood this, and the US Constitution is a direct reflection of this understanding of God’s intent for man to be free.

However, socialism obstructs and restricts the expression of the will of the individual, and eliminates the autonomy of the individual by its very nature.  Not only does it require an all powerful government to enforce, but it makes that government into a deity with the power to control the individual in all things. 

Only Satan himself could inspire a system that subjugates man and creates a false god at the same time,

Therefore socialism will always fail, not because man is evil, but because socialism is.

  1. Excellent! One of the best explanations of Socialism I have heard yet…. and the best reason given for rejecting it.

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  3. This was a nice article to read, thank you for sharing it.

  4. A most excellent article. I plan to refer to it in a communication to my sons’ school (a Catholic high school). I was disturbed to read the other day that the school had a speaker speak to the kids on “social justice.”

    In my view this is a continuation of communist/socialist doctrine that has been infiltrating the Catholic church. If I can show them that “social justice” is simply the advocating of institutionalized violation of the 10th commandment, they may have their eyes opened a bit.

  5. Socialism is based on the consideration that if workers buld a car , they are paid only for a -very very small- fraction of the value of that car. Because the extra profit goes to the corporate who owns the car factory. Nowadays, a CEO can earn more than 1000 times the wage of a worker. It’s not a matter of envy, it’s a matter of being stolen.
    Maybe God wants CEO to earn so much.. I don’t know..

    • Stolen implies that what the CEO has does not belong to him, and in fact belongs to someone else.

      This is false. Those he employs are employed by choice. What they earn is what they deem to be fair for the labor they provide. They might not LIKE the amount, but it is not low enough to make them leave the job, therefore it is what they are worth. By the workers OWN calculations.

      I’m not sure how much more clear I can be. You are not entitled to any material wealth. Jesus did not promise wealth and comfort. He also never told his followers to forcibly take from others what they felt is fair. He told his followers to GIVE. Socialism is government sanctioned THEFT, nothing more.

      If you support it, you are a thief yourself.

    • When the CEO earns so much, he donates part of his good fortune to worthy causes. How many homeless donate to money to Wounded Warrior Project, St. Jude, Humane Society? Even top Mafia bosses donated money to churches and soup kitchens. Money filters down from the top not the other way around.

  6. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Kat Canfield and commented:
    I read this article this morning and it fit right into some of my thoughts on the subject. This writer said it better than I could have and I will gladly add to it as I go along. Please also read all the comments to the article. I think it is sad some people are so brainwashed they believe this silly system of socialism works. Never worked yet anywhere it has been tried. Historical fact. It is only good for the few at the extreme top who get immensely rich: look ninety miles south of the US to Cuba. Castro and his family have everything, the people, all the people live in poverty.

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