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The Liberal Mind – Self Esteem Over Reason

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Dennis Prager has authored a piece entitled The Liberal Mind Rejects Sad Facts in the National Review discussing his thoughts on how liberals arrive at their positions.  His premise is pretty well covered in the title of the essay.  He believes that the liberals are unwilling to accept observable facts that may be uncomfortable.

According to Prager, facts such as men and women are inherently different are summarily dismissed and ignored because they lead to unhappy conclusions.

I have discussed the mentality of the left in the past, and I agree with Prager, but I believe he doesn’t go far enough.  There are more important conclusions to draw from this line of reason that he leaves unspoken.

Liberals are not just unwilling to accept unhappy facts, they are incapable of doing so.

Liberals (not Progressives, they are a totally different breed) are in a perpetual state of low self esteem.  They require constant emotional reinforcement that they are better than the world they inhabit, and their political beliefs are what they use to reinforce that belief.

Their political positions, no matter how illogical, are specifically designed to demonstrate to the world (and more importantly themselves) that they are superior creatures in comparison to the right.

They further reinforce such a belief by branding those that oppose their positions as “hate filled”, by definition meaning they are “love filled” and therefore better people.  When pressed on the actual outcomes of their policies, they  will steadfastly refuse to even discuss the subject, reverting to the argument that the intentions of the policy are all that matters and engaging in ad-hominem attacks on anyone questioning them.

Take health care reform for example.  Liberals believe that Obamacare is a wonderful improvement because they can say they are for covering poor people and getting them care. 

When shown simple facts that the legislation makes insurance far MORE unaffordable for those with low incomes, they will just call you a liar, tell you that you are just a tool of big corporations, and you hate poor people and minorities.

People who suffer delusions will deny every indication that the reality they have created does not exist, sometimes with dangerous results.  In the case of Liberals, the utter failure of every single policy they have promoted, from the Great Society/Welfare to Universal Health Care in Europe is not considered.

Anyone that dares point out these failures is, in their mind, by definition a liar because they threaten the fantasy Liberals have constructed for themselves.

Such people can never be reasoned with in the conventional sense.  The only way they will even communicate with you requires that you accept their premise that they are more loving/caring and better than you and their policies are always superior.  The moment you challenge any of that premise, you have lost them and they will just dismiss you outright, usually very angrily.

Generally, all people have a period of their life where they behave in such a way.  Most teens, for example, consider themselves to be almost infallible and anyone who dares challenge them, such as a parent, is just a fool who is out to hurt them.

I had the opportunity to have such an experience with my 17 year old daughter.  She wanted to spend every dollar she had from her new job on an X-Box. 

I pressed her on her idea using the facts that the money she would spend would be better used by her to take her driving lessons, or perhaps be saved up and she get an X-Box after a few more pay checks are stashed away.  I also reminded her that she did not have enough money to buy the game she wanted, too.

Her position boiled down to, “It’s something I have always wanted, and I want to do it.  I can save up money from my next paycheck anyway.  There will always be another check coming!” 

In her mind, the fact that I even questioned her thinking became “You are telling me ‘no’, and it’s not fair!  Why are you so mean?” even though I never once told her anything of the sort.  I only asked her to think it through and gave her some facts to consider that may have lead her to a conclusion she didn’t want or like.

All I had to do was question her, and she became overly emotional and even a bit mean and accusatory to me.

It reminded me so much of watching Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama when they want something, and the public or the right merely question their reasoning.

I guess some people will always be 17 year olds dying to get their hands on that X-Box because it’s the “only thing they ever wanted”.

Well, until they have it and realize that they need the next new shiny toy that is “the only thing they ever wanted”.

  1. So right…another example,those exchanges on the 8/28 discussion board!! It boils down to facts vs emotions.

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