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Flippin’ Embarassing? I Think Not

In 2012 Elections, Politics, Sarah Palin, Tea Party on November 15, 2010 at 5:00 AM

The Boston Herald published an “op ed” on 11/15/2010 written by Jennifer Braceras entitled Flippin’ Embarassing?  You Betcha! reacting to the premier of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.  Ms. Braceras describes how she has been a Palin supporter since the 2008 election, and defended her in multiple venues.

But, much to my surprise (sarcasm intended), now Ms. Braceras can no longer abide the “absurd” Palin and her “cutesy” Twitter messages and worst of all, her wearing shorts around the house.

I have a message for Ms. Braceras and those who think like her:  Go away.  We are tired of people like you, and the ridiculous standards you create for “public servants”.  You know less about “regular life” than anyone alive, and every word you utter exposes you as a haughty self obsessed elitist.

I watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night, and was incredibly impressed with the level of access and the lack of “staging” that was included in the production.  Watching Ms. Palin and her family in the confines of their own home was inspiring and refreshing.

My favorite scene occurred when Willow, her teenaged daughter, has a “gentleman caller”.  Palin responds like just about any parent I know in the real world.  There are no handlers or assistants lurking about, and Ms. Palin returns to her work at her (all too normal looking) home work space after making clear that there are no boys allowed upstairs.

Anyone with a teenager knows what happens next.  The boy, taking advantage of the perceived distractions of other things, sneaks up to Willow’s room.  Ms. Palin, like every mom I know (especially mine), has eyes in the back of her head and quickly escorts the boy back to the living room over the objections of her teen daughter.

So undignified and un-Presidential, right Ms. Braceras?  How dare Sarah Palin do all this herself, and in SHORTS!!!  The indignity of it all! 

Everyone knows that important people should wear expensive pantsuits when working around the house, especially if a guest is in the vicinity.  The children need to be tended to by the 2 or 3 nannies on staff, too.

What a heathen.  And she dares aspire to lead the free world?  What has the world come to?

The truth  Ms. Braceras is that you have missed the point, just like about 99% of the “media”.  Sarah Palin’s appeal is that she is exactly the opposite of everything you have told us to look for in a candidate.  She isn’t a Harvard “educated” (I use that term very loosely) member of a well known family with tons of connections and pedigree. 

She isn’t tended to by handlers and hangers on.  Most importantly she doesn’t care what you think.  I would bet she actually wears your scorn as a badge of honor.

Americans have long fantasized about the “regular guy” rising to the office of President.  There are more movies and books using this plot line than one can even count.  There is a simple reason for this desire.  People want to be led by someone that has lived their life, knows their struggles, and is not caught up in the pretense of privilege.

And right on cue, the elites with the soap box step forward and denigrate a woman who is exactly that.  Sarah Palin comes from no money or pedigree, did not attend an Ivy League school, and has changed more diapers than 1000 Hillary Clintons and Michelle Obamas ever will (and the diaper gap continues to grow).

This is specifically what I love about her.  I don’t delude myself into a belief that the “proper” candidates are actually as smart as advertised.  In fact, I see them mostly as empty headed suits reading a teleprompter, just like in the movie Anchorman.

Sarah Palin comes from us.  She is us.  She may not have all the answers, but neither do any of us.  When required she will seek out answers just like every other American does.  (The current administration would do well to take that approach and stop thinking it’s smarter that everyone else, and knows it all.)

When the 2012 campaign starts in earnest, her regular life will only serve to make her more popular.  I belive that people will be drawn to her because they see themselves in her, and her family.  She would be wise to resist the temptation to be more like the rest of the politicians, and return even more to her roots.

The Palin’s aren’t perfect, but the American people don’t want “perfect”, we want “real”.  We tried “perfect” in 2008 and we see how well that has worked out.  Hopefully 2012 will be the year of the “regular person” and the end of the teleprompter in chief.

  1. So tell us what you really think 😉
    Seriously very entertaining piece.

  2. Very well-written piece. I’m in agreement. The question will be, will a majority of Americans be in 2012? “May you live in interesting times…”

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