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A Message to Fox News: Hire Olberman ASAP

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MSNBC has suspended Keith Olberman indefinitely for making campaign contributions to Democrats in violation of NBC News ethics standards.  Insiders are now stating in several reports that he will not be back at MSNBC.

Full disclosure: I cannot stand Keith Olberman.  His demeanor is off-putting, his opinions are based in fantasy and he is more arrogant than any other man on television. 

I have a very simple request of Roger Ailes at Fox News.  If MSNBC does indeed let Olberman go, immediately hire him as part of the staff of Fox News.  If you need to, pay him more than other networks offer to obtain his services.

(I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

While there is almost nothing I will ever agree with regarding anything political coming out of Olberman’s mouth, I find it disturbing and disgusting that NBC has taken action against him for exercising his rights as an American.  No one at NBC can justify such actions, as Olberman was not a “journalist”, he was a commentator paid to express his opinions.  He should not be held to the same standards as Brian Williams.

Furthermore, one of the freedoms we must most treasure is the freedom of speech and expression.  That includes the freedom to donate to candidates that express positions that you support, no matter what your profession may be.  As long as it is done openly and publicly, there should be no restrictions.

I may find the utterances of Keith Olberman to be mindless and/or disturbed, but that will never make me stand by quietly while he is silenced for his expression.  Were the roles reversed, and it were Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh facing discipline, I would be equally upset.

I would hope the Olbermans and Maddows of the world would leap to their defense as well, but something tells me they would sit in silent joy at the silencing of someone with whom they disagree.  In fact, efforts to silence Beck by now 5 separate organizations (SEIU, and others) have not seemed to offend anyone on the left.  No one is crying out for free speech from their side.

So as far as Olberman is concerned, I must be honest and true to my principles and beg, plead and work tirelessly to see that he is allowed on the air as soon as possible.  Then I can resume avoiding any broadcast he is a part of, and he can resume expressing himself freely to the 5 people who find him enjoyable.

Fox News, Glenn Beck and others have an opportunity in this moment to very publicly demonstrate their commitment to the principles they have so often extolled the virtues of.  Fox News can demonstrate  for a second time (Juan Williams being the first) that free speech is a treasured right in America.  Beck has said that we must defend even our enemies when they are right, and this is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

I hope very soon to see a new lineup at Fox that includes The Keith Olberman show.  I’m not so sure it will be a ratings bonanza for Fox, but that shouldn’t even matter.

Maybe this experience, and seeing those he spent years defaming and ridiculing spring to his defense, will open Keith Olberman’s eyes to the possibility that those he disagrees with are not monsters.  Or maybe it won’t.  It doesn’t matter either way, though.

Just one personal request in all this.  Do NOT allow Olberman anywhere near the NFL on Fox studios.  It’s bad enough I have to deal with Jimmy Johnson every week.

  1. That is funny and awesome and funny at the same time. Just think about meetings with Olberman, Hannity, Beck,and Oreilly. LMAO. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that. But your post makes a lot of sense. It would be funny though. Fox would be fair and balanced then.

  2. I find myself not just avoiding shows he is on. I avoid the whole networks. Poor, poor Paul Costas. Not only does he have to pretend to laugh he has to pretend to laugh looking up. YUK!

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