Nathan Sass

Distinguishing Progressives from Liberals

In Crazy Liberals, Harry Reid, Humor, Nancy Pelosi, Politics, Tax Policy on November 4, 2010 at 5:00 AM

A recently released study showed that there is a genetic marker that appears to be related to liberal leanings but only in association with especially active adolescent social lives.

Leaving aside that this is one study and may be shown to be flawed, this finding may be instrumental in understanding the liberal and progressive mind set.

Using the teenager analogy, we can easily see what distinguishes a liberal and a progressive.

Progressives are the “popular kid” who is the trend setter of a group.  They determine the fads, at least in their circles.  They are the ones in control (Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Soros, etc.). 

Liberals are the members of the pack who will follow the popular kid anywhere, and do whatever they are told is cool to stay in the good graces of the pack.  Individuality is punished, and group think rewarded.

Conservatives, in this analogy, are the nerds who are more interested in following the rules and achieving success than gaining the acceptance of others.  In most cases the nerds are unable to comprehend the actions of the popular kids and see them as quite odd.

Like socially active teenagers, liberals are incredibly concerned with the perceptions of those around them.  There are few, if any, beliefs a liberal holds that cannot be traced back to a burning desire to be seen by others as “better” than most. For example, the belief of liberals, especially affluent ones, in high taxes on the rich is a simple manifestation of guilt for their own success mixed equally with a desire to be seen as someone who cares deeply for the poor.

These people are generally less concerned with actually helping the poor than they are concerned with being seen to care more than others do.  If they truly were interested in helping the poor, they would not be far less likely to give to charity.  They advocate a high tax rate, very publicly so, in an effort to show the world how much more they care.  Perception is the goal, not results. 

If results were what they sought, they would be swarming soup kitchens and homeless shelters en masse looking to donate and volunteer.  George Soros would be known for his massive poverty relief programs not for funding multiple PACs and political groups.

These liberals are all following a few progressive leaders.  While the liberals may just want affirmation of their superiority, progressives are certain of theirs.  Progressives, like the popular kid, are completely convinced of their elevated status, and believe it entitles them to special privileges and power.

Progressives seek higher taxes on the rich because they are convinced that only they are capable of properly distributing wealth equitably.  The liberals follow the lead of progressives because they are desperate for acceptance and perceived superiority. 

Determining the difference between a progressive and a liberal comes down to understanding their individual motivations.  Progressives know that they are so superior that it is actually wrong for them to be denied power and control. 

Liberals just want to feel like they are better than everyone else, care more, and are more enlightened, and will adopt any position the progressive leaders determine to be the “smart”, “cool” and “open minded”  without any rational thought.

The proof is all around us.  Progressives and their liberal toadies have advocated the same solutions for over 100 years, have had most of them adopted multiple times.  These solutions fail and the problems they are supposed to solve only get worse.

All the while, the nerds in the corner are left to wonder why they keep doing the same stupid things than don’t work.   Sometimes the nerds even speak up (Tea Parties). 

When they do, the cool kids call the nerds horrible names, tell them they are dumb, laugh at them and blame them for their plan’s failure.  Then the cool kids go off and try the same “cool” idea and fail spectacularly one more time.

This is the “progress” in progressive, I guess.

  1. There has got to be a reason! These Progressives truly live in a different world.

  2. You nailed it, Nathan!

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