Nathan Sass

A Time For Choosing…Again.

In Economics, Politics, Ronald Reagan, Tax Policy, Taxes, Tea Party on November 2, 2010 at 5:59 AM

Today the people of America step forward in another time for choosing.  The choice is not new.  Today marks another battle in a long fight.

If you have seen this speech, watch it again.

If you have not seen it, take 30 minutes and listen carefully.  Every word remains relevant today.

Commit this message to memory.  Make it a part of you, learn it and live it.  This is the most profound and articulate description of the fight against socialism and Progressivism that still rages today in America.

I vow to leave my children the light of freedom and liberty, and not to condemn them to “1000 years of darkness”.

Rest in peace, Mr. President.  We will carry your fight forward without fear until we achieve victory!

  1. A wonderful reminder! This is not an election of ‘party’ as much as it is a battle against Progressivism. Learn who these Progressives are. It is our duty!

  2. The best.

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