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David King Accuser is Convicted Felon

In Backroom Deals, Barack Obama, Politics, Tea Party on October 28, 2010 at 11:29 PM

Charlette Harris, who filed a civil action against GOP Secretary of State candidate Pastor David King is a convicted felon. (CCAP details here.)

In August 1998 Harris plead guilty and was convicted of felony forgery in Brown Co. Circuit Court.  Also read into the conviction were 3 misdemeanor counts of false swearing.

Two days prior to that conviction, Harris was arrested and charged with 2 additional felonies, 1st degree recklessly endangering safety and bail jumping. In June of 1999, Harris plead guilty to these charges and was sentenced to 3 years in state prison.

Harris was again charged in Brown County with felony bail jumping and intimidation of a victim on 10/12/1998.  Those charges were dropped on 3/5/1999.

After serving time for the felonies, Harris was charged on Halloween 2001 with misdemeanor hit and run and misdemeanor 3rd offense driving while revoked.  Harris plead guilty to both charges and was ordered to pay restitution on a payment plan of $10 per week starting 2/20/2003.

According to court records, Harris stopped paying her $10 per week restitution on 6/16/2004, after making only approximately $680 in restitution.  Bench warrants for Harris were sworn out in August of 2004 and again in September 2004.  Garnishment was ordered in October 2004.

In November of 2002, Harris’s was named in a request for protection for Domestic Abuse by Alice Nelson.  That request was denied.

On 5/21/2003, Harris was again arrested and charged in Brown County with felony substantial battery with intent to do bodily harm.  Those charges were dismissed on 7/14/2003.

Harris was again named in a request for protection for domestic abuse filed by Sareena Johnson.  That request was also denied on 9/20/2004 by the Milwaukee County court.

Most recently, the State of Wisconsin filed a civil action against Harris for delinquent taxes in the amount of over $11,000 including penalties.

This is the woman who has filed a civil action against a GOP candidate for statewide office alleging sexual assault.  Ms. Harris has not, to date, requested a criminal investigation or filed a criminal complaint against Pastor King. 

In so doing she is not subject to penalties associated with any frivolous or false allegations.  The idea that Harris would file a suit on false  pretenses is not an unreasonable conclusion considering her history and track record.

The details above took me about 30 minutes to discover and investigate, and as of this writing, no media outlet has reported that the accuser is a convicted felon, who was charged with false swearing, which would be directly relevant to the civil case she has filed.

It may be coincidence (I don’t believe in that in politics), but her attorney of record in the civil case is Thomas Vaitys, a native of Chicago.  According to his Facebook page, Mr. Vaitys is a fan of Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, and assorted other Democrats, especially those from the Chicago area.

This leads me to wonder if there is any possibility that Mr. Vaitys is affiliated in some way with the fabled “Chicago Machine”, and is working on their behalf to destroy a GOP contender for the office of Secretary Of State.

Remember that ACORN, SEIU and other left leaning groups with similar affiliations launched a public effort to win control of the Secretary of State offices in as many states as possible.

Is it possible that the Chicago Machine and SEIU/Soros/ACORN have found a willing accomplice in Ms. Harris to make a last minute false accusation against a surging and powerful African American GOP candidate for an office they have made such priority?

In this writer’s opinion, more than possible.  I think likely.

I would be willing to bet that following the election, this case magically gets dropped and Ms. Harris finds a way to pay her $11,000 tax debts in cash.

Then again, I am a cynic.

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