Nathan Sass

Sorry Mr. Beck, George Bailey Doesn’t Exist

In Glenn Beck, Gwen Moore, Politics, Tea Party on October 26, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Over the last week, Glen Beck has been using the movie It’s a Wonderful Life to illustrate the current situation America finds herself in today.

In his analogy, Mr. Potter represents the powerful elites in the Progressive movement and George Bailey represents the average American who fights against Mr. Potter’s attempts to gobble up everything.

Beck describes the choices America faces this way:

“I tell you vote George Bailey. I tell you that Bedford Falls is real and they want to turn us into Potterville. Frank Capra who made that movie was ridiculed. He also made Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. He was ridiculed for that. He was told by the New York Times and all the rest of them, That America doesn’t exist. Schmaltz. I tell you, it’s real. I tell you felt it on 8/28, you felt it on 9/12. That’s who we are!”

Sorry Virginia, there is no George Bailey.

I know somewhat whereof I speak.  My disagreement with Mr. Beck is borne not out of pure speculation, but hard and painful experience.

Those who know me personally are more than aware of my efforts to reach someone, anyone, who could help me bring a health care reform plan to the attention of the American people.  My only goal was to take part in the debate and offer a solution that I believe people would possibly be interested in.  During that time I was honored and humbled to have the plan adopted by a congressional candidate and have received assistance from a few dedicated friends.  To them I am eternally grateful.

Sadly, those were the only responses that could be described as anything but outright dismissal.  I requested the assistance of local media personalities, local representatives and candidates, legislative aides, chiefs of staff, and anyone else I could think of and in every case the response was either silence or worse.

I now have come to understand that a regular guy, a “George Bailey”, is not listened to unless they bring a big check along.

Contrary to Mr. Beck’s belief, there is nowhere for the George Bailey’s of the world to go to influence anything anymore.  There is a report today that the GOP and Democrat incumbents in WI have conspired to make it more difficult to be challenged, frustrating the voice of the people in a way that would make Mr. Potter proud.

Even the Tea Party movement has had, at best, limited success. For their efforts, they have had every possible slur and slander thrown their way by the elites from both parties.  It’s odd when George Soros and Karl Rove are singing from the same sheet of music.

Interestingly, Mr. Beck’s use of It’s a Wonderful Life as an analogy is not entirely incorrect.  The movie is in fact a perfect representation of the current status quo right up until the guardian angel Clarance Odbody makes his appearance beside George on the bridge.

In real life, Clarance never shows up.  George’s frustration is real, and his belief that he had no lasting or substantial impact on the world around him is accurate.  The Mr. Potters of the world can and do control the paths to power and influence, and they will not let him and most others pass.

I have always loved It’s a Wonderful Life.  I watch it regularly and always break down in tears at the end.  The messages of hope and friendship and of the regular guy making a difference are more moving than anything else I can imagine.

I  have come to believe now that this can almost never happen in real life anymore.  To have any chance in this world, especially in politics, you need to be connected, rich, or both.  Those of us who are not are just votes, and we are humored for a few months before an election and then ignored after it. 

It’s just a movie Glenn.  I’m not happy to report that, but it seems to be the truth.

Maybe this will be the year we all sing Auld Lang Syne and the happy ending will be real, but something tells me that the only one singing will be Mr. Potter.  Again.

  1. No, Mr. Sass. I believe you are wrong on this one. We have plenty of George Bailey’s. You Sir, are one of them! There are many of us. What we don’t have YET (and this is where Glenn Beck might have it wrong) IS THE CRISIS… There’s not been enough pain…YET! It’s coming. America is about to be run off the cliff, but until She actualy begins to fall….
    Bravo to you for attempting to prevent that from happening!

  2. Great post, Nathan! And Lee is right…You are George Bailey. Keep up the good work!!

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