Nathan Sass

Ye Shall Be as Gods: The Continuing Temptation of the Serpent

In General, Politics on October 18, 2010 at 5:00 AM

The story Adam and Eve’s temptation is one that most people are familiar with.  Even non-Christians know about “Adam and Eve eating the apple”.  Most people miss the point of the story, though.

Adam and Eve’s sin wasn’t just eating “the forbidden fruit”.  The fruit has almost nothing to do with it, in fact.  Their sin is one that continues to plague man, and many today are more than happy to commit it.

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Genesis 3:5 KJV (emphasis added)

Satan’s most dangerous temptation has always been an appeal to man’s ego.  Throughout history, evil has been manifested in countless ways, but a careful reading will always reveal a simple shared thread in almost all cases.  Man continues to attempt to elevate himself to the position of God.

The temptation of man did not stop in the Garden of Eden.  In our arrogance, we continue to believe him, and attempt to elevate ourselves to the divine. 

Progressive politicians present themselves to us as the bearers of the solutions of all man’s problems, from poverty and war to illness and death.  They are all powerful.

Science seeks to discover the secrets of the formation of the Universe, and in so doing makes the assumption that man can both discover and understand literally everything.  They are all knowing.

Modern philosophy and culture tells us that we have the right to do whatever it is that pleases us.   There is no absolute right or wrong.

Progressive politics, science and modern philosophy have taught for more than 2 generations that the selected intellectual elite have the power to be gods in our lives, and has sought to give them the tools and power to do so.  The message that they have taught themselves is something like:

  • The universe is an accident, as is the existence of life and ultimately man.  There is no supernatural presence.  You can be god.
  • There is no good or evil, unless you believe it to be so.  You are god.
  • If you don’t want that baby, smite it before it can be born.  You are god, and can decide what constitutes “life”, and further when and how life comes about.
  • If that old person, special needs child or any other person is  an “unreasonable burden”, euthanize them.  You are god, and are wise enough to decide who should live.
  • If one man has too much, and another not enough, you have the right to take from the one to give to the other, because you are god.
  • Those that oppose you are worthy of only destruction.  If you must do terrible things, or even kill them, it is ok because you are god, and they are in opposition to god.
  • Worship of a supernatural God is foolish and dangerous.  You should worship your government, as it is run by gods.  Seek the approval of your gods in government, and seek to please them in all things.  They will bestow upon you all that you need.  Place your full hope, trust and faith in them in all things.

For the last 100 or so years, the Progressive/Socialist movement has championed the elevation of (selected) man to the level of god, shaping the world in their perfect vision, ruling over the less capable in benevolent dictatorship.  For those who know history, or know God, this is a vanity filled path to destruction.

We were created by God to be free.  God gives us freedom even to point of rejecting Him.  Man’s arrogant and imperfect vision is anything but freedom.  It has been, and will always be, the subjugation of man by man. 

The only philosophy of man that has even the slimmest chance to succeed is one that embraces the rights and liberty of the individual, and does not tolerate the elevation of man to the divine.  This was the founder’s vision:  reverence for the authority of the Creator, and the rights and liberty of every individual.

Progressivism is not new to the world stage, and there is no “progress” in it.  It is nothing more than the same tired and failed philosophy used by many tyrants before, only under different names.  As such, Progressivism is doomed to failure. 

The only questions that remain unanswered are, when will it meet its end, and how many countless millions will be destroyed before it does?

  1. Nathan,

    Most of your claims sound like politics as usual, not soley progressive politics. By subscribing to and perpetuating the stereotypes of progressives that you have here, you discredit your own “embrace the rights and liberties of the individual” philosophy. Rather than paint with such a broad brush and insult a large number of good, well-meaning people in the process, why don’t you engage the individuals with who you take issue? That way, you can avoid perpetuating the stereotype of all conservatives as close-minded, intolerant hatemongers as well.

    • Dan. Please understand that the use of Progressive (capital P) is not the same as progressive (small p). The former refers to a very small set of elites who advocate a single world system ruled over by the few. The latter is synonymous with “liberal” in the classical American sense. Liberals are not anti-free market socialists, believe in the rights of man as endowed by their Creator and cannot be violated. The difference between the two is massive.

      I do not believe that all those who use the term “progressive” to describe themselves fall into the first camp. In fact, most are unaware that the first camp even exists, and have been convinced that such people are “just like them”.

      To illustrate the difference between a capital P Progressive and a small p progressive, I would point you to the stated beliefs of people such as George Bernard Shaw and Margaret Sanger (both heroes of the current administration). Their own words will both shock and disgust you. Both were vocal advocates of eugenics as a method for ridding mankind of the “lower races”.

      (Sanger On blacks, immigrants and indigents:
      “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people) more here:

      I know you well enough to believe that you are not a “P” Progressive. You seek equality under the law, as do I. We differ slightly in the methods we advocate for achieving it, but we both agree on the value of every individual, and would resist any attempt to subjugate anyone against their will.

  2. *with whom

  3. Fair enough, I will add Shaw and Sanger to my reading list.

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