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Arrogance as Intelligence

In Al Franken, Barack Obama, Campaign Ads, Gwen Moore, Politics, Ron Johnson on October 15, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Joe Klein of Time magazine wrote a piece on October 14 entitled Ignorance as Authenticity.  In it, he describes his total frustration with “Tea Party know-nothings”.

Reading his temper tantrum masking as deep intellectualism is a perfect microcosm of the current political climate. 

The rise of the tea party movement has forced Progressives of all party stripes to reveal their true nature, thereby exposing the beliefs the Progressive movement has spent the last 100 or so years trying so hard to mask.

The Progressive movement has its roots in a firm belief that people are generally dumb, and need to be “helped”.  Progressives see the entire world through this lens, but understood that stating such a thing outright was political suicide.  For generations, they proposed policies designed to take control of the decisions of regular people, and disguised it as compassion and caring for the welfare of the people.

But in the last 2 years, the people they see as so ignorant have risen up in loud disagreement with those very policies, and Progressives are indignant and frustrated.  The thoughts in their head must be something like “How dare these ignorant rubes tell us, the smart people, what to do!  Don’t they understand we are smarter than they are?”

The Progressive’s big problem now is that those thoughts aren’t staying in their heads, and behind their closed doors.  Frustration and anger usually result in people losing the ability to keep their mouth shut.

I will give Mr. Klein credit for honesty, albeit unintentional.  The article is exactly what he, and Progressives as a whole, truly believe.  There are only a few smart people, and the rest of us are morons.

Like any good Progressive, those from the ranks of the governed who dare aspire to office are denigrated.  He goes so far as to call Ron Johnson, a highly successful and intelligent businessman, “unqualified” for the office of Senate. 

Interestingly, he doesn’t include the buffoon Al Franken in his list of the “unqualified”.  Al Franken’s claim to fame is making unfunny jokes on TV, and writing books no one reads.  (Well, maybe that does make him qualified to be in Washington right now, but I digress.)

Also not on that list is Gwen Moore, of “poop to power” fame.  Before running for public office, Moore’s life accomplishments include a stint on welfare, and a litany of government jobs.  Sounds like a qualified person to me.

The biggest name Klein fails to mention is, unsurprisingly, the sitting President.  Mr. Obama’s pre-election resume is hardly impressive.  He worked less than a year in the private sector, and then held a series of government jobs and elected positions, none of which he was qualified for by Mr. Klein’s own standards.

Given the track record of the current administration and congress, perhaps the American people have realized that the candidates who the Joe Kleins of the world say are qualified are really idiots, and we need to elect people who are exactly the opposite of what they consider “qualified”.

How can things possibly get worse than 2000+ page bills that are totally unread being passed, and stimulus that does not stimulate anything except the national debt? 

I’ll take my chances with people like Ron Johnson and Dan Sebring, who come from the real world, and know better how things actually work.

  1. Well said. You have hit the nail on the head.

    Oh, and I like what you’ve done to your blog! Welcome to WordPress!

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