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Democrats’ Midterm Message – Voters Are Just Too Stupid

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The New York Times ran an editorial today lamenting the likely fate of poor Russ Feingold at the hands of voters in the 2010 Senate race.  The Times’ underlying message:  Wisconsin voters are just too stupid to understand why Russ is such a wonderful Senator, and would only vote for Ron Johnson because they are too dumb to know any better.

As a Wisconsin resident, allow me to tell Russ,  the New York Times, and the rest of the Democrats one simple thing.  The voters are not stupid, but they are beginning to think you guys are.

When the public became exposed to the naked ambitions of the (at the very least) quasi-socialist leadership of the Democratic party, they responded with disgust.  The legislation that Democrats have passed in just the last 20 months has created such a visceral response, it may yield the most historic reversal in power in Washington since the Civil War.

Progressives in the Democratic party have not been shy as of late when discussing the reasons they believe the mid-term elections will be so bad for Progressives.  In almost every case, they reveal more of themselves than they perhaps wish to.  The underlying message Progressives are rallying around is one on which their entire political philosophy rests.

They believe that regular people are generally dumb and without the “wise oversight” of a Progressive led government, there will be misery and suffering.  They truly, in their deepest core, believe that they are far more intelligent and wise than “the little people” and those who dare to disagree with them, which entitles them to power and control over those less than them.  They don’t wish for this out of hate for the average person, but out of misplaced pity.

The evidence is all around us, and so common that we probably don’t even recognize it any longer. 

  • Don’t believe in man-made global cooling warming climate change?  You are an idiot.
  • Don’t believe in redistributing wealth to grow the economy?  You are rich idiot.
  • Do you take your religion seriously?  You are an idiot.
  • Don’t believe in gay marriage?  You are a religious idiot.
  • Don’t believe in evolution?  You are an even bigger religious idiot.
  • Do ou teach your children your religion?  You are a dangerous idiot.
  • Is your name Sarah Palin?  You are the biggest idiot ever to walk the face of the Earth.

No matter the issue, if you disagree, eventually they will get to the point where they just dismiss you as an idiot.  They do it without even thinking about it any longer.  Anyone who has debated a Progressive and used facts to effectively dismantle their arguments, has experienced first hand the utter contempt they will vomit out at you as they denigrate your intelligence.

The core of Progressive thought has always been a fervent belief in the need for a society of rather unintelligent commoners run by intelligent elites.  The founding of this nation was a direct response to similar beliefs common in Europe of that time, and the founding father’s did all they could to make sure that such a system could never take hold in the United States.

On November 2, the foresight and vision of the founders will once again be on display as the self-important intellectual elites are put down at the ballot box.  The founder’s belief in the wisdom of every man will once again be the very thing that prevents this nation from becoming just one more socialist caste society.

Whenever I think I appreciate the wisdom of the founders fully, events like this occur and I am reminded of how truly remarkable their bold experiment is.  But according to Progressives, that probably makes me an idiot, too.

  1. The great irony is “the biggest idiot in the world” could end up being their President?
    Wouldn’t Stuart Smalley be soooo proud?

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