Nathan Sass

Fact Checking PolitiFact – Turning the Tables

In Campaign Ads, Politics on October 4, 2010 at 5:00 AM

 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact  made this bold claim in a check on a Ron Johnson ad regarding Health Care Reform on 10/5/2010:

In truth, the health care law creates a market-based system that relies on private health insurance companies.”

Let’s check the validity of this statement, and hold PolitiFact to the same standards they apply to political ads. (Yes, we need to check the very same group that arrogantly makes the claim to be the arbiter of fact and fiction in politics.)

Is the Democrat passed Health Care reform plan a “market based system”, or isn’t it?

PolitiFact goes in to detail and makes the statement:

By any reasonable definition, there’s no way that the Democratic plan could be considered a government takeover. Indeed, its primary approach is to set up new systems to encourage private health insurance companies to provide more coverage and better services.

So we have a claim that the Health Care Reform plan is a market based solution that “encourages” private companies to “provide more coverage and better services”.

Encourages – well, that’s an interesting choice of words, isn’t it? By their “reasonable definition” of encourage, I suppose it is safe to say that by extension the government encourages people to drive a certain speed and not kill another person in cold blood, too.

The truth is that there is no “encouraging” being done. There are only mandates to individuals and insurance companies. 

Encouragement implies that the insurance companies retain the choice to follow or not to follow the wishes of Pelosi, Reid and Obama where their product offerings are concerned. This is only true if you allow that the choice is to remain in business or not. Beyond that, there is NO choice.

PolitiFact’s idiotic claim that Obamacare is a “market based solution” that “encourages” is willfully blind to the simple truth that the insurance companies, and individual Americans are required, by law, do to what the government demands as it relates to design and purchase of health insurance plans.

A government demand (aka mandate) is not encouragement. A mugger does not “encourage” his victim to turn over his wallet at the point of a gun.

A “government takeover” is not solely limited to an agency of the federal government assuming all insurance companies’ operations in its name, either.   Making these private companies the tool used to carry out the dictates of the government does not make it “market based”, since the market has no real power any longer. That’s like saying the guy who orders a hit is not actually responsible for the murder he ordered.

I rate Politifact’s claim that Obamacare is not a government takeover and market based to be LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!! NOSE AS LONG AS A TELEPHONE WIRE

Actually it’s worse than that, but I must refrain from using terms that refer to bovine excrement, even though that would be far more fitting.


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