Nathan Sass

Open Letter from a Conservative American

In Politics on September 13, 2010 at 5:00 AM

For years, many of my fellow Americans have been taught that Conservatives are racists and only care about the rich.

I would like to take this opportunity to reach out directly to you and tell you that you are being lied to.

The people who have taught you this are the ones who claim to be your defenders. Progressives have promised you for almost 100 years that they will make your lives better if you give them the power to do so.

And yet, nothing has ever improved. And if you think about it for a minute, the reason why is obvious.

Why would someone fix the very problem that they use to get power? Progressives claim to want to improve your lives, but they know that if that happens you will no longer need them and they become powerless.

You are being conned. The Progressives think you are suckers and they are using you. They promise you that as long as you vote for them, they will fix your problems but they never do, and never will. They tell you that Conservatives want to hold you down, and to be scared of them. They call us racists and say we only care about the rich.


Conservatives don’t hate you, and don’t want you to stay poor, either. What we want is for you to be free. We want you to have freedom to achieve your dreams, as long as you are willing to work towards them.

Conservatives believe that every person can succeed. Skin color or how much or how little money your parents have cannot prevent you from success.

Conservatives want public schools to succeed, but we know that the only way education improves is if STUDENTS work hard and want to learn. No person in some government office can make it better. More money doesn’t mean more learning. Paying teachers more than LeBron James will not make students learn a thing.

If you are willing to work, to strive, to educate yourself, we know you will be a success in whatever you set out to do. If there are people that try to stop you because of your skin color, your gender or for any other bigoted reason, we will join you in fighting their stupidity.

But your success cannot be achieved without you working for it.

In the last election you heard again and again “Yes We Can”. Conservatives believe in something different, and far better.

Yes YOU Can.

Yes you can learn. Yes you can go to college. Yes you can get that job. Yes you can overcome stupid bigotry. Yes you can be anything you want to be. Yes you can make it on your own. Yes you can lift yourself up from wherever you are and get to the mountain top.

Yes you can live the American Dream.

You can, because God made you for a reason, grants you freedom, and because you are an American. That means that nothing can stop you.

All you need is to believe in you. All you need is to want it, and work for it, even when it is hard.

This is what Conservatives know to be true. We have always believed in you. We don’t need to lie to you about it, either.   If someone stands in your way, we will be there to fight them with you, but you can beat them without anyone’s help.

You are your own hope. You are your own change.

It’s up to you.


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