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Liberalism Doesn’t Work (and Liberals know it)

In Crazy Liberals, Economics, Humor, Politics, Tax Policy on February 3, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Liberalism claims to be focused on addressing the needs of the bottom end of the economic ladder at the expense of those at or near the top. The trouble is that liberalism has not, does not now, and will never work. It leaves those it purports to help worse off. This occurs for some very basic reasons.

  1. Liberalism creates false social categories, with Liberals as the only capable leaders of society.

    Watch and listen closely to any liberal, and it will become plainly clear that they believe in a strict class society. Furthermore, they place themselves the highest class due to their own superior intellect and talent.Liberals also believe that rich people come in 2 flavors the “enlightened rich” (liberals themselves – part of the previous class) and the “evil rich” (non liberals).

    Enlightened liberals are rich because they are so much smarter than their peers that fame and fortune is their right. The “evil rich” are wealthy because they took ill gotten gains on the backs of the noble “working” class.Liberals also believe that the “poor” and “middle class” is composed of uniformly good, hard working decent people that are oppressed by the “evil rich”. They are also utterly incapable of escaping this condition because they lack any real intelligence or skills. In short, they are “poor” or “middle class” because they are less intelligent and talented than liberals, and they have allowed themselves to be used by the evil rich.

    Sometimes they are even “tricked” by conservatives (a sub set of the evil rich) into voting “against their own interest” for conservative candidates. Any “poor” or “middle class” voter than supports a conservative does so because they have been deceived, and liberals love to tell the world this “fact” whenever they lose elections.

    Armed with these false premises, Liberalism seeks to punish the evil rich and reward the oppressed poor. They then commit the second error:

  2. Liberalism requires a determined effort to discount human nature.

    To punish the evil rich and create “economic justice”, Liberalism calls for a “progressive” tax structure based on “ability to pay” with confiscatory marginal rates. Most recently, those very high taxes start when you make $250,000. Why that number? Well, no reason really. It’s arbitrary (more on that later).

    Then the liberals put themselves in charge of “spreading the wealth” to the beleaguered and oppressed poor.   Of course, they make sure they get their cut first (government employment for life) and the money only goes to things they approve of (windmills, ethanol, etc.). Things like churches and private/parochial schools (for example) are not included in the pay outs.

    What liberals convince themselves is that rich people will just shrug and say “oh well, I guess I’ll just pay higher taxes” and fork over the money. But no one actually thinks this way in the real world. People do all they can to minimize their tax liability, and when the rates are sky high, they go ever further to avoid paying any more than they absolutely have to.In reality, taxes are powerful and they directly impact human behavior.

    Sadly, liberals know this to be true, and I can prove it. When liberals dislike something, say smoking, they advocate ever higher taxes on it to reduce its consumption/production.

    Conversely, when they like something, like “green” anything, they give a tax credit for using/buying that item. Windows, hybrid vehicles and solar panels to name just a few.

    This willful ignorance of reality is repeated in almost every policy item they advance.

    Terrorists are not evil, just misunderstood poor victims of American economic power. Affirmative action eliminates racial animosity and rewards otherwise victimized minorities. Wars never solved anything. Religion (more accurately Christianity) creates hate and intolerance. Criminals can be rehabilitated and prison is not for punishing them. Guns cause violence, criminals are their victims. Welfare does not create a cycle of dependence and reward inactivity. Government is efficient and effective.

    They actually believe these things, and refuse to acknowledge any evidence to the contrary. Like arguing with a teenager, they do not let facts get in the way of what they KNOW to be true. They just need to be in charge because:

  3. Government, not the private sector, is the place where all economic growth and positive social change originates.

    Every good liberal KNOWS that if you want something done, the government must be in charge of it.To wit:
    – Poor people need programs and government checks, not private sector pro growth policies.
    – Racism can only be stamped out by government policy and actions.
    – Education outside of the public schools is sub par and all students should be in a government run school (no school choice in DC!).
    – Health care is most efficiently delivered in a government run program.
    – Only the government can determine what are the right types of jobs to create (green jobs only), cars to produce (no more SUV’s!), places to live (urban planning and anti sprawl) and people to hire (union only – using affirmative action).
    – The government must provide transportation to the places government deems most appropriate and other forms of transportation are inferior and dangerous.
    – Government must ensure religious beliefs stay in private as they are generally destructive to civil discourse.
    – Government must determine and enforce proper levels of diversity, even in private institutions.I could go on for pages with example after example. Listen to a liberal provide a solution to any problem, real or perceived, and every single time the solution will be centered on, financed by and overseen by the government.

    But liberals, in their heart of hearts, know this never really works. The simplest proof I can provide is Habitat for Humanity.

    Liberal icon Jimmy Carter started this noble charity to provide homes for low income people. It largely has proved effective. What’s funny is that Carter did not advocate that HUD oversee and finance the program. It’s entirely private, uses donated materials and labor, and has little to no oversight outside of the private board of directors.

    Hmmm….curious. Could it be that Jimmy the Peanut Farmer really knows that HUD is a bureaucratic mess and would get nothing done? Nope. Which finally brings us to:

  4. Liberalism is entirely arbitrary. There are no absolutes, and therefore anything can be justified as long as it advances liberal’s interests.

    Liberals believe in literally anything and nothing at the same time. $250,000 makes you rich. No, $1,000,000 does. No, $200,000 does.

    Christianity teaches hate and intolerance; Islam does not.

    Women’s rights are worth fighting for, unless it’s in the Middle East.

    Hitler was evil; Che Guevara and Stalin were not.

    Israel is the source of conflict in the Middle East; Iran is not.

    Former KKK members are not to be allowed in public life, unless they are Democrats (Robert Byrd).

    Whatever the issue, you can be sure that Liberals can justify even the most blatant contradictions.Here is a really nice recent example of such arbitrary applications of “beliefs” in action.Liberals have called for special taxes because evil rich oil companies make too much money. They think it inappropriate that profits are so large, even though the profit margin on oil is less than it is on Diet Coke.

    But where is their outrage at the obscene profits in Hollywood? Where are the calls for James Cameron, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and the rest to fork over their (literally) billions in profits?

    There are no such calls because these people are liberals, and therefore entitled to massive profits. In the mind of a liberal, “art” like Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the X Files and Avatar is of more value to society than gas in your tank to get you to work.

    This is nothing more than another in a long series of purely arbitrary applications of liberal “principles” against a group that is not “one of them”.

Given these 4 pillars, it obvious why such a vapid and intellectually dishonest belief system fails repeatedly when put into use. It simply cannot succeed, because it lacks any foundations in anything approaching reality.

The only conclusion we are left to make is that Liberalism’s adherents are either incapable of making even the most simple logical deductions, having the mental capacity of a teenager, or there are mentally ill suffering from massive delusions and hysteria.

Either reason means they should never be put in charge of anything, especially governments. They are as dangerous as a 16 year old behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car and simultaneously as scary as David Koresh in a position of leadership.

It’s time we put the grown ups back in charge of things, take away the car keys from the crazy teenagers, and send them to their rooms without dinner.

  1. Aint that the truth

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