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In Crazy Liberals, Humor, Politics on January 26, 2010 at 7:00 PM

I was up late celebrating the conservative victory in MA and decided to indulge my dark side and tune into Ubermoron’s (Olberman) nightly delusional ranting disguised as a talk show on BSNBC.

His guests were the equally delusional Rachel Madcow (Maddow) and Chris “Hard Boiled” Matthews.  The question of the night was, of course, what the Democrats do with health care reform after this election.

True to form, the three all stated plainly that the reason for the defeat in MA was because the Democrats had not moved fast enough or far enough to the left on health care reform.  The plan of action for these three is for the President and Congressional Democrats to immediately get health care passed using any means possible, no matter how underhanded.  According to the three stooges, if they do not pass health care, the loss last night will be repeated in Nov.

I cannot imagine a more clear cut and obvious example of the mental makeup of a liberal.  They are the dangerous intersection of intellectual immaturity and supreme arrogance.
Their maturation ceased at age 16 when they “knew everything” and could not be wrong.  They exclusively have all the answers and their parents and other adults (i.e. conservatives) are just mean people who hate everybody, and no idea what they are talking about.  (Don’t believe me? Ask a parent with a teenager if this is true.)

Liberals base all their beliefs on emotions, like a typical teenager does.  Every position they hold has its roots in making them feel better about themselves, and reinforces their arrogant belief that they are the elite of society.  They are, in their minds, the smartest, most intellectual, most refined, most learned, highest order of people walking the Earth.  This arrogance is palpable. (see Obama, Barack aka The One)  DO NOT question their intellectual superiority, EVER!!!!

When something like last night happens, it cannot be that people rejected their most enlightened positions.  Their policies are so superior, people cannot possible reject them. Anything else must then be true. 
So the answer to the MA defeat must be they were not liberal enough.  It is impossible that the people rejected their message.  In their minds, the people rejected the DELAY of their policies, and they must push harder and faster to pass it.  MA is blamed on a poor candidate that ran a bad campaign and a Republican who “fooled” the people.  They tell themselves“If we had only done a better job getting our message out…”

Imagine a person who puts his hand on a hot stove and is burned, only to deduce that the reason they were injured was not due to the original decision, but that they did not push down harder on the stove.  So they do it again, and again pressing harder each time. Would almost everyone agree that such a person is mentally ill and delusional?

Well, so are liberals.  They do not partake in reality.  They construct a fantasy world where all their delusional beliefs are the reality. Utopia is possible, socialism works, the poor are poor due only to the evil rich holding them down, etc. 

Anytime the reality of the world bursts their bubble, they get angry and must fight hard to keep their fantasy world alive.  They will do almost anything to keep their superior feeling, including lying to themselves. This denial of reality is why every single liberal is, at their core, a miserable and unhappy creature that finds enjoyment in almost nothing.  No one who lies to themselves is ever really happy.

It actually makes me feel pity for them.  But not very much.

Conservatives are steeped in the search for fact and truth.  We cannibalize our own when they deviate from that quest.  We do not personally or politically tolerate spin that flies in the face of obvious fact and truths, even when it is politically painful.

That is the strength of the conservative movement today, and the reason for talk radio and conservative media’s success.  It is now the only place where propaganda and misinformation is challenged.  In everything from climate change to reasons for election results, we tell the sometimes painful truth to ourselves, and to anyone willing to listen.

The left is in the process of engineering its own destruction.  The longer that they continue to believe their own hype, the worse things will get for them.  Then the ranks will be purged and the process repeated.

The left is a group of people committed to theory, even when reality defies them nad proves their policies wrong.  They seek a utopia, which all conservatives know for certain can never be achieved.

When I was in high school and college, I tried to listen to liberal arguments and policy positions, but I could never get myself to accept them.  Blame it on my makeup, but I am incapable of forgetting the truths about human nature and the world that tell me why these policies are pure folly.
I guess I just grew up faster than most.
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